The Best Metroid Rom Hacks So Far

Metroid will always hold a special place in my heart because it’s the first game to make exploration and maze-like maps an awesome thing in 2D platform games. Metroid & Castlvania spawned a new genre of platform games known Metroidvania’s. Because I love Metroid for Nintendo (NES) and Super Metroid for Super Nintendo (SNES) I decided to create this top list featuring the best Metroid rom hacks released so far. Rom hacks are modifications of original games created by fans. If you like playing classic Metroid games, you might want to check this list out! If you have any questions or have useful information add, please leave a comment below!
* Game & System Abbreviations Used In This List *
M NES = Metroid, Nintendo Entertainment System.
SM SNES = Super Metroid, Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Metroid: Rouge Dawn (M NES)

– Created By: Grimlock, Optomon, snarfblam

– More Information & Download
Metroid: Rouge Dawn is the most popular Metroid NES rom hack and it’s also the best. This is the unofficial prequel to the original Metroid game. Because the events of this game take place before “Zero Mission” you’ll play as Zero Suit Samus without her Varia Suit armor. The hack features an all-new map, new enemies, bosses, items and more. You can really tell the developers are big fans of the series. The game is a little more challenging than the original but if you’re a Metroid veteran it shouldn’t be a problem.

Metroid Mother (M NES)

– Created By: dACE

– More Information & Download
Metroid Mother is the original Metroid Game remastered with all new beautiful graphics, a new Minimap, and the ability to save your game. Seriously everything about this game looks better than the original. Metroid Mother definitely pushes the NES hardware to its limits. If you haven’t played the original game yet, I recommend starting with this hack because it has aged better xD.

Project Base (SM SNES)

– Created By: dex909

– More Information & Download
Project Base is like the extended special edition version of Super Metroid. It’s still Super Metroid but has a lot of neat changes and tweaks to it. There are many minor but noticeable changes to the graphics, the physics engine, and much more. The biggest change though is to the level design. If you’ve played through Super Metroid, you’ll encounter differences in the level design often. There is also changes to the story, I won’t spoil it!

Super Metroid Eris (SM SNES)

– Created By: DMantra

– More Information & Download
Not much to say about Super Metroid Eris except it’s a fantastic Super Metroid rom hack. It features a new level design and only one map to play on. Finding secrets is extra fun in Eris. Graphics and nothing else was changed but the level design was executed so well that I had to list it.

Super Metroid Redesign (SM SNES)

– Created By: Drewseph

– More Information & Download
One of the older and more popular Super Metroid rom hacks. Super Metroid Redesign is a complete overhaul to the original Super Metroid game. The most noticeable changes are to the physics. I really like the feel of Redesign. The game plays so smoothly, I love the running and jumping mechanics. You’ll also notice the new and very large map. It’s so fun to explore I can see why many prefer this hack over others. They also added new abilities and items to the game. This is a must play for any Super Metroid fan!

Super Metroid Z-Factor (SM SNES)

– Created By: Metaquarius

– More Information & Download
Z-Factor is a 95% makeover of Super Metroids level design. There has also been minor changes to items and enemies. This hack is well done, but pretty hard so I would only recomend to hardcore Super Metroid fans.

Super Metroid Phazon (SM SNES)

– More Information & Download

Super Metroid Phazon takes place in pure darkness. All levels are very dark and have that creepy outer space type of atmosphere. All levels, enemies, unlockables and level warps are brand new. Most levels have decent designs, but this game is difficult.

Hyper Metroid (SM SNES)

– Created By: Trevor Realred Sitkoff

– Fast and excellent Level Design
– More Information & Download
The name of this game explains it well. This is Super Metroid but the unofficial darker hyped up version known as Hyper Metroid. This game features an all new storyline, new areas to explore, a custmizble weapons system and more action packed gameplay. This is actually one of my personal favorite rom hacks on this list!

Metroid Super Zero Mission (SM SNES)

Created By: SBniconico

A Hack That fuses two Metroid games together, Super Metroid and Metroid Zero Mission. This combination creates arguably the best Super Metroid rom hack ever made. So much of it feels familiar but it’s all merged together making the experience feel unique. The gameplay has been revamped, tweaked and feels even better than Super Metroid in my opinion.

– More Information & Download

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