7 Best Flash Super Mario Games Of All Time

I have been playing online browser flash games since I was a teenager. Because I’m a Sonic and Super Mario Bros fan I was always hunting down quality fan-created flash games based on these characters. I soon found out that about 95% of character-based flash games are terrible. There are literally hundreds of flash games based off of Mario and maybe 10 might be worth playing lol. After researching and playing many bad games I created this list featuring the 7 best flash Super Mario games of all time. None of the following games listed are up to official Mario game standards, but for being developed in flash they’re good. If you have any useful information to add or believe I missed a quality game, please leave a comment.

7. Super Mario Bros. Classic

#7 Super Mario Bros Classic
The flash version of the original Mario Bros. It’s not anything like the official game though. It has different levels and the graphics art resembles the Gameboy Advance version of Mario Bros. You have the option to play as two different styled Mario’s. The gameplay mechanics are spot on but there are some inconsistencies and glitches. If you enjoyed the classic Mario Bros game and have some time to kill you might want to give this version a try.

– Play Super Mario Bros. Classic created By Ryan Glynn.

6. Mario Combat

#6 Mario Combat
Imagine a 2D Mario game where you punch, kick, and beat the crap out of Koopa Troopas. This is what Mario Combat is. It’s a short game and the controls take a little time to get used to but it’s fun. Bowser is the final boss and he’s kind of a challenge to beat. I used to play this one a lot when I was a teen! I would love to see an official Mario game with more violent punching and kicking similar to what Mario Combat offers. Maybe some sort of spin-off ninja Mario game!

– Play Mario Combat created By dsun.

5. Super Mario Star Scramble Series

#5 Super Mario Star Scramble Series
I would recommend this Super Mario flash game series to kids. Even as an adult I enjoyed all 3 Super Mario Star Scramble games. Levels in these games are short but fun. The 2D art style is executed well and the physics work nicely. Each level has hidden stars to find. Stars are needed to progress to unlock levels. The starting levels of these games are on the easy side, but I can assure you later levels are challenging.

– Play Super Mario Star Scramble 1, 2, 3 created by Kenny Vleugels and team.

4. Tuper Tario Tros

#4 Tuper Tario Tros
When Super Mario Bros and Tetris had a baby they created Tuper Tario Tros. It’s a challenging score based game that lets you switch between both Mario and Tetris Worlds. To Progress through the game, you’ll have to guide Mario through this broken world. You’ll also have to set Tetris block pieces down correctly. If you manage to beat the game, scores will be separated from your Mario & Tetris play. It’s really neat and creative!

– Play Tuper Tario Tros created by Swing Swing.

3. Super Mario Flash

#3 Super Mario Flash
I ranked Super Mario Flash high on this list because it feels like I’m playing a classic Super Mario Bros game. This is exactly what a 16-bit Super Mario game should be as a flash game. It has all new levels and for the most part, they are crafted well. The world map is similar to Super Mario Bros 3. The gameplay is fun but the controls are a little wonky feeling, but that’s ok. This also has a level editor/creator. Many flash gamers believe Nintendo stole the building idea of Super Mario Maker from this game.

– Play Super Mario Flash created By POUETPU.

2. Super Mario Crossover

#2 Super Mario Crossover
A really neat game that lets you cross-over classic NES game characters and Mario levels with each other. For example, you can play through the Super Mario Bros game as Link or Mega Man and use their special abilities. After you defeat a Super Mario Bros level you’ll be able to choose a different character if you like. Some of these characters abilities make the Super Mario Bros game a lot easier. After playing this I realized how weak Mario really is, lol. This is a must play!

-Play Super Mario Crossover created by explodingRabbit.

1. Super Mario 63

#1 Super Mario 63
Super Mario 63 is by far the best and most contents filled Super Mario flash game of all time. Super Mario 63 is 2D Mario game inspired by mostly Super Mario 64 and mildly by Super Mario Sunshine. The game is set up like Super Mario 64 where you’ll collect stars to unlock doors to new levels. There are 64 stars in all to find and collect if you manage to collect 32 Luigi will be unlocked as a playable character. Many of the levels are 2D versions of Super Mario 64’s levels. What makes it like Super Mario Sunshine is you can use the boosting water gun.

Overall Super Mario 63 is an amazing game, with loads of content, great polished gameplay, boss battles, and a good story. If you’re a serious Mario game fan, you have to play through Super Mario 63. I promise you won’t regret it. Here’s a crazy 100% speed run video for some inspiration.

– Play Super Mario 63 created by Runouw

* Honorable Mentions *

The following games are decent but barely missed our top list
Mario World Overrun –  Super Mario themed Tower Defense game with guns, upgrades, and explosions!

Super Mafia Bros – If Super Mario was part of the Italian mob it would go down like this!

New Super Mario Bros Flash – Bad gameplay mechanics and clunky controls but they nailed the Nintendo DS looking graphics.

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