8 Best Scuba Diving Video Games So Far

Scuba Diving is a very niche genre when it comes to video games. You don’t hear gamers ask about scuba diving games too often, so creating an obscure top list based on the best scuba diving games so far was intriguing to me. I figured if I don’t write about this topic in depth, who else will? (lol). When new worthy games are released this article will be updated.

8. Dive: The Medes Islands Secret (Wii, PC)

#8 Dive The Medes Islands Secret
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Dive: The Medes Islands Secret is a 2D action/adventure game. Playing as Diver John Saunders, go on an adventure and discover the secrets of Medes Islands. Discover vibrant sea life, sunken ships, and treasures throughout your journey. Most of the sea life in this game wants you dead, but luckily you are armed with a spear gun for defensive protection. You will travel through many underwater mazes and caverns searching for treasures while collecting oxygen to stay alive. I could never beat deeper diving areas in this game, collecting oxygen becomes a chore and there is some trial and error when it comes to knowing where to go and where oxygen is located. Overall Dive: The Medes Islands Secret is a decently fun game, but expect it to become increasingly challenging as you progress through it.
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7. Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive (PC, IOS)

#7 Depth Hunter 2 Deep Dive
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In Depth Hunter 2: Deep Dive you will embark on a variety of missions, including searching for lost treasures, taking quality pictures of fish and sea life, and hunting fish with your spear gun. Depth Hunter 2 is probably the best spearfishing game ever made, but then again there aren’t many spearfishing video games to choose from. The gameplay feels more arcade-like than a simulator. There are three different underwater reef locations to explore in Thailand, South Africa, and the Bahamas. After completing all missions in a location, a new location will be unlocked. The game is graphically beautiful and the sea life species are accurate according to whatever location you are diving at. Overall Depth Hunter 2 is a unique & calming underwater experience. After a few hours of playing, the somewhat repetitive fetch quest missions might become boring.
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6. Undertow (Xbox 360, Backwards Compatible On Xbox One)

#6 Undertow
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Undertow is a forgotten Xbox 360 exclusive game released in 2007. The game is backward compatible on Xbox One, but it’s probably not worth picking up unless you have someone to play with locally or online. Undertow is most known as a 2D scuba diving online arena shooter. Back in the day on Xbox 360, it was a blast playing this online with friends cooperatively through the campaign or competitively in deathmatch modes. Sadly no one plays this game online anymore, but the 15 level single player campaign is still there. The single player campaign is kind of bare bones but still challenging and fun to play through. Sometimes I crave playing Undertow online again, maybe Microsoft could bring some life back into this by re-releasing it as an Xbox Live Gold game or releasing it on Xbox Game Pass.
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5. Far Sky (PC)

#5 Far Sky
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Your submarine has been torn apart by a mysterious force, you’re trapped beneath the ocean in Far Sky. You can explore the beautiful sandbox ocean world, gather useful resources, build bases, craft items, defend against enemy sea life, and hunt for food. Your main goal is to fix your submarine and make it back to the surface. Far Sky is fun for a short period of time, but after putting several hours into it you will start to notice it’s empty in a lot of key areas like crafting, building, and combat. The developers seem to have abandoned this game, which is sad because with a lot of added content this could have been great. Overall the game is lacking content and is a short experience. It’s still worth playing though, especially for the current retail price of $5.

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4. Endless Ocean 1 & 2 (Wii)

#4 Endless Ocean 2
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Endless Ocean and Endless Ocean 2: Blue World are realistic scuba diving exploration games that released exclusively on Nintendo Wii. In these games, you can explore mysterious ocean depths, document new species of sea life, take pictures, and befriend dolphins. It’s not a game for everyone, it might be too slow paced for a lot of players. I like both part 1 & 2 equally. Endless Ocean 1 had better calming music, while endless Ocean 2 was a little more challenging with air tank management and upgrades. In both games the single-player campaign stories are decent, and the main exploration missions are fun to play through. If you’re looking for a Scuba diving simulator with exploration missions, Endless Ocean games are worth checking out.
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3. Abzû (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

#3 Abzu
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Even though Abzû is a short game (2 hours long), it’s a beautiful underwater adventure that’s very memorable. What’s most impressive about Abzû is how colorful and alive its world is. The game feels like a beautiful diving dream in an ocean full of vibrant life. It’s not uncommon to see hundreds of different kinds of fish along with dolphins all on the screen at once. There is no survival aspect in this game and you can’t die. The developers did this on purpose because they wanted the player to enjoy the calmness and art style of the game. The music is also calming and sets different tones throughout the game. There are some really simple puzzles in Abzû, but the main focus of the game is its environmental storytelling. Overall if you’re looking for a calming and colorful Scuba diving game that is full of positive vibes, Abzû should be your #1 pick.
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2. Depth (PC)

#2 Depth
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Depth is a first-person online multiplayer game where you can play as shark or a scuba diver. It’s basically humans vs sharks, 4 scuba divers vs 2 sharks. You can choose to play as a variety of different shark species including Tiger, Bull, Hammerhead, Thresher, Mako, Great White or the extinct giant Megalodon. Each shark has strengths and weaknesses along with special abilities. If playing as a Scuba Diver you can collect gold to buy upgraded weapons used to kill sharks more effectively. The gameplay is balanced well, and once you had some practice it can become quite addicting. I like most of the maps in Depth, they feel fair for both Scuba Divers and sharks. Depth looks great graphically and has a nice gore engine. I played this game off and on for a few months and had a lot of fun with it. Overall if you’re looking for a great online deathmatch game, Depth provides something unique and fun.
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1. Subnautica (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

#1 Subnautica
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The final version of Subnautica is already available on PC and it’s also available on Xbox One preview (Buy & test unfinished games). The final version of Subnautica will be released on December 7th, 2018 for Xbox One and PS4. There are too many awesome things to say about Subnautica, it’s seriously one of my favorite survival/exploration games ever. I will try my best not to mention any major spoilers because it’s best to play this game without knowing much about it. You have crash landed your life pod on an alien ocean world where there’s nothing but water, so you must explore and survive off of whats available underwater in the ocean. The open underwater world is large, beautiful, and full of different life forms. Every gameplay aspect of Subnautica feels well thought out and complete for the most part. I love the scavenging, crafting, building, and survival aspects of Subnautica. It truly is a beautiful game that has an interesting story and some of the best exploration elements of I have seen in any game. New discoveries and gameplay elements are unraveled as you progress through the game. If I had to choose one scuba diving game to play on this list, without any doubt I would have to recommend Subnautica.
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* Honorable Mentions *

The following games either barely missed our top list or are loosely related to the scuba diving games genre.

Jaws (NES) – I am actually really good at this classic game. Playing as a Scuba Diver shoot sharks, jellyfish, and stingrays. Seashells can be collected to buy strength upgrades from your bases. Eventually, you will become strong enough to face the biggest and strongest shark in the ocean known as Jaws!
Stranded Deep (PC) – A decent survival game that has a good amount of deep diving/swimming in it.
Typer Shark! Deluxe (PC) – Shoot and kill sharks by typing words as fast as you can. It’s a surprisingly fun, addicting, and a good typing tutor.
Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 (PC) – A decent shark vs humans game. Not nearly as good as Depth though and there’s no one playing it anymore.
Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag (Multiple) – There is a lot of deep diving and underwater exploring gameplay here.
World of Diving (PC, Early Access) – A once-promising early access Scuba Diving simulator on Steam. I haven’t been updated in a long time though.
Raft (PC, Early Access) – A promising survival game that has a lot of deep diving, exploring, and hunting in it. The devs continuously update this game. It might be one to watch for in the future.
Aquaria (PC) – A neat 2D underwater Metroidvania. This game has a cool story, beautiful graphics, and a lot of unique sea creatures to interact and fight against.

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