25 Best Flash Games Of All Time

I decided it was time to create a list featuring the top 25 flash games ever made. For people who don’t know, flash games are played for free through your PC, Mac, or Chromebook web browser. By visiting flash arcade websites and having Adobe Flash Web player software installed. After playing thousands of flash games and running a couple of flash arcade websites for years. The news came out that flash has a kill off date. December 30, 2020, is the exact funeral date Adobe will kill off flash support. New web browser software platforms HTML5 and WebGL will likely continue to rise up in place of flash. I ranked the games listed below based on popularity, replayability and fun factor. I excluded any obvious arcade ports like Pacman, Snake, Donkey Kong, Frogger, etc. Those are great games, but they are better on their original platforms. Instead, I focused on flash exclusives or games that appeared on flash first before being ported to other platforms. So after years of flash gaming, after the end of the software’s lifestyle, these are my personal top picks and recommendations.

NOTE: This article was updated on May 3, 2019

1. Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is by far the single greatest accomplishment in flash gaming. Over 10 Million Youtube gameplay videos have been created based on Happy Wheels. Choose your character and vehicle. Try to make it through official and user-created levels without dying. The humor, blood, and craziness are what makes Happy Wheels great. It’s kinda fun to die sometimes. The content is limitless. There is always new challenging levels to try. This is the #1 flash game because it offers so much.
#1 Happy Wheels
Play Happy Wheels By Fancy Force.

2. Kingdom Rush and Frontiers

Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush Frontiers are two of my all-time favorite Tower Defense games. Both games appeared on flash first for free and later appeared on Steam and Android for a charge. Attack enemies that are trying to pass through with upgradeable ground units.  Fight against giant bosses and learn new character class skills.  There are so much depth and levels. I absolutely love these games.

#2 Kingdom Rush
Play Kingdom Rush and Kingdom Rush: Frontiers By Ironhide Game Studio.

3. Epic Battle Fantasy Series

Epic Battle Fantasy series consists of 4 turn-based JRPG style games. The first two games in the series are geared more towards combat gameplay. Part 3 and especially part 4 are full-fledged RPG games, with combat, story, and a full maps to explore. Even though these are 2D games with simple graphics, the gameplay, characters, and story are deep. Searching for treasures, Leveling up and upgrading equipment is what makes Epic Battle Fantasy so addicting. The longer I played these games, the more they grew on me. If you would like to support the developer and purchase the superior standalone PC version of Epic Battle Fantasy 4, Check out it out here on steam!
#3 Epic Battle Fantasy Series
Play Epic Battle Fantasy Series By Matt Roszak

4. Super Smash Flash 2

The complete fan created flash version of Nintendo’s #1 fighting game Super Smash Bros. It features all kinds of official and unofficial Nintendo characters to play as. All modes such as training and online play are here. Super Smash Flash 2 has been updated for years. Fixing and adding new things has kept this game fresh. If you are a fan of the series, don’t miss out playing this fan-made gem.

#4 Super Smash Flash 2
Play Super Smash Flash 2 By McLeodGaming.

5. N

Play as a little stick man with ninja-type agility.  So challenging and fun it is to run, jump and avoid obstacles. Collect yellow squares for extra time. Hit switches and try to make it to the level exit door without dying. So Many levels to play in N.

#5 N
Play N By Metanet Software

6. Elephant Quest

Elephant Quest is an awesome Metroidvania with tons of RPG elements. This Elephant is sent on a quest to complete missions. You will fight enemies, find keys that open new doors and upgrade your elephant’s stats. Your Elephant and your weapons will eventually become GOD like if you play enough.

#6 Elephant Quest
Play Elephant Quest By Armor Games

7. Sonny 1 & 2

If you love turn-based combat JRPG style games, with tons of up-gradable skills and abilities, you need to play both Sonny 1 & 2. The Sci-Fi setting, along with top-notch characters and a grungy story full of mutants is what makes Sonny feel unique. Grinding and powering up characters is what I liked most about Sonny. Sonny has great character progression, that’s even better than some modern RPG’s. Armor Games recently released a Sonny remake for PC/Android and IOS. The remake is not as good as the classic flash games though.
#7 Sonny 1 & 2
Play Sonny 1 & 2 By Armor Games

8. Linerider

Linerider allows you to create your own custom 2D tracks and test them out.  If you get bored save progress and load it again the next time you play. Check out these creative examples on Youtube, to see what’s possible to build. A great time killer for those that love to build tracks :D.

#8 Linerider
Play Linerider By Bostjan Cadez

9. MotherLoad

Motherload is like the classic Dig Dug game on steroids. Motherload is about digging, refueling, collecting resources for money and buying upgrades for your drill car. The graphics are dated, but the gameplay is so good and addicting it does not matter. The journey to the bottom awaits you. Just keep on digging for it.

#9 Motherload
Play Motherload By XGENSTUDIOS

10. Bloons TD 5

Another lovely Tower Defense game with tons of depth featuring monkeys vs balloons.  The amount of levels to play is impressive. Upgrades for your monkey attack units are amazing. Very well-balanced and fun.

#10 Bloons TD 5
Play Bloons TD 5 By Kaiparasoft

11. Swords and Souls

Swords and Souls is a turn-based fighting game about a Rogue that wishes to become the best fighter in the land.  Train him, level him up, he will become stronger and stronger. Battle against tons of other more powerful rogues. Use items and magic sparingly. When you fail, train some more and figure out what items and magic work best against your opponent. The upgrading is so addicting. I have poured tons of hours in this one.

#11 Swords And Souls
Play Swords and Souls By Soul Game.

12. Super Mario 63

This is like the 2D version or Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. A very well made fan-made Mario Flash game. Play through levels, collect stars and open new doors. Tons of depth and levels to play.

#12 Super Mario 63
Play Super Mario 63 By Runouw.

13. Swords and Sandals 2

Gladiators fighting to the death has never been so much fun. After a shipwreck, you become stranded on an island. Your character is forced to kill a fellow prisoner to earn his freedom. After that you are off to become a professional gladiator. Upgrading your weapons and armor with gold essential. A worthy turn-based fighter with RPG progression.

#13 Swords and Sandals 2
Play Swords and Sandals 2 By 3RD Sense.

14. Run 3

All versions of Run game are great. I chose part 3 because it has a few more extra levels and better graphics than the others. Play as a circle alien guy and run through tube levels. Try your best to avoid holes in the ground by moving or jumping over them. As you progress levels will become harder.

#14 Run 3
Play Run 3 By Kongregate.

15. Strike Force Heroes 2

An epic action-packed 2d shooter. Play as group soldiers that feature their own unique skills and weapons. Complete epic missions in a fun robust campaign.

#15 Strike Force Heroes 2
Play Strike Force Heroes 2 By Sky9 Games

16. Age Of War 2

Command soldiers in a war that progresses through time. You will begin in the caveman era. As you progress your weapons, attacks and soldiers will change. Eventually, you will make to the future. Fighting with lasers against robots. It’s pretty crazy and fun.

#16 Age Of War 2
Play Age Of War 2 By Max Games

17. Road Of The Dead 2

Road Of The Dead 2 is a one of a kind flash game featuring a first-person driving view. You shoot and drive at the same time. You’re trying to make it across this road. The problem is it is filled with zombies and obstacles. Try to drive as far as possible while taking out zombies. When you die, use stat points for upgrades. After a while, you will become better and the upgrades should help you make it across this deadly road.

#17 Road Of The Dead 2
Play Road Of The Dead 2 By Evil Dog Games

18. Fancy Pants Adventure 2

Not much to say about Fancy Pants 2. It’s a great platformer with fantastic level design and fun gameplay. The style is so unique, Fancy Pants feels like an original.

#18 Fancy Pants Adventure 2
Play Fancy Pants Adventure 2 By Brad Born.

19. CubeField

How far can you go? That’s the big question when playing Cubefield. A simple yet so addicting avoidance game. Play as a ufo and avoid all obstacles in your way. If you manage to make it far enough the game levels will change color and structure. What’s your highest score?

#19 Cubefield
Play Cubefield By YoArcade

20. Burrito Bison Revenge

My favorite flash launcher game. Launch and bounce on gummy bears for money. After each round, you can upgrade your launcher and bison’s stats. Eventually, you will be able to make it far enough to fight the boss.

#20 Burrito Bison Revenge
Play Burrito Bison Revenge By Juicy Beast.

21. Pandemic 2

In Pandemic 2 you get to spread a deadly virus around the world. Try your best to infect everyone. Act very fast to updates. upgrade certain symptoms and attributes. At first, this game can be a bit slow but once you get into it, this text-based infector is amazing.

#21 Pandemic 2
Play Pandemic 2 By Crazy Monkey Games.

22. Apple Shooter

Simple and addicting but hard to beat. Try to shoot the apple off the bald man’s head. Try not to miss or you will kill him. After completing each round you will be set back further and further.

#22 Apple Shooter
Play Apple Shooter By Wolf Games.

23. Dead Zed 2

Dead Zed 2 is a fun first-person tower defense zombie shooting game. I love the gore and graphics in this one. After each round, you can upgrade your guns and equipment. Many levels to play through.

#23 Dead Zed 2
Play Dead Zed 2 By NotDoppler.

24. Gunblood

Draw Your Guns As Fast As Possible!!! Try to shoot your opponent quickly. Aim for the head for an instant kill. The opponents will become so challenging in later levels. Keep on practicing, eventually, you will get your timing down to take out any gunslinger in your way.

#24 Gun Blood
Play Gun Blood By Wolf Games.

25. Papa’s Cooking Games Series

FLIPLINE has created the best cooking games I have ever played known as Papa’s. They might appeal more to younger girls, but there is no denying the amount of depth these games hold. Customers order food. Make their foods as good and fast as possible. If you do well, you will be paid and the customer will be happy.

#25 Papa's CookinG Games Series
Play Papa’s Cooking Games By FLIPLINE

* Honorable Mentions *

All of the other awesome flash games I have enjoyed and remembered over the years. Even though they did not make it on the Top 25 list, they are still amazing must play games.

– SAS: Zombie Assault 4
In SAS: Zombie Assault 4 you can choose to play as three classes assault, medic, or heavy warrior. Defend the space station against deadly zombies. All kinds of weapons and stats to upgrade.  Save humans and wait for the dropship to pick you up.
#24 SAS Zombie Assault 4
Play SAS Zombie Assault 4 By NinjaKiwi.

– Mausland Shark Series Of Games
Mausland has created an epic series of arcade-style shark attack games. Eat and destroy everything in your path. Take down ships and aircrafts. Try to score high, to unlock the secret endings.
#25 Mausland Shark Game Series
Play Mausland Shark Games By Mausland Entertainment.

Pokemon Tower Defense 2 & 3 – Really Impressive Pokemon themed tower defense games, with impressive level design, unit upgrades, and stories.

My Friend Pedro By Dead Toast Entertainment – Play as Pedro a hitman with nothing to lose. Take out the scum of the city with a variety of guns. It’s ultra-violent and awesome.

Raft Wars 1 & 2 By Martjin Kunst – Fun catapult style games. Kids in a swimming pool shoot there squirt gun back and forth at the enemy. Great game to play when bored at work or school.

Unpuzzle A really neat and addicting puzzle game where you separate puzzle pieces. Starting out it’s easy enough, but after a few levels, it becomes more challenging.

Warlords 2: Rise of Demons – A deep 2D war based attack the tower game with a medieval theme. Invade the land battling it out against hordes of enemies. Upgrade your units and weapons.

Exit/Corners A mystery game where five strangers are trapped in a hotel. In 24 hours the building will collapse. They must solve riddles and puzzles if they want to make it out of this hotel alive.

JackSmith By FLIPLINE – Play as a Black Smith named JackSmith (he is a donkey). Create and craft weapons for all fellow team warriors. After weapons have been made you will battle out on the field with your team. Keep earning money and eventually fight the great wizard, Dudley.

Madness: Project Nexus By Gibbing Tree – The ultra Violent bloody Madness flash games and animations will never be forgotten. Madness takes place Somewhere in Nevada. Play as a Stick guy trying to seek revenge against those who have killed him. Pick up awesome guns and shoot tons of bad guys. Make your way to the evil clown, he owes you your life.

Bubble Shooter By Absolutist – Before bubble shooter style games were popular on phones and tablets, there was this game called Bubble Shooter. Simple but fun match 3 pop game with unlimited levels. I remember this one being very popular on PC’s back in 2008.

Give Up 2 By Armor Games – You are part of a game show. If you hit the big Give Up button you will lose. Play as a blue stickman character, run, jump, avoid hazardous weapons and terrain. Make it to the door to advance to the next level. Just remember not to hit that button :D.

Dino Run By Pixel Jam – A fun running game where dinosaur extinction is about to happen. Meteors and earthquakes crash down. Playing as a little raptor try to run as far as you can while avoiding hazards in your way.

Bowman 2 By FreeWorldGroup – One of the best flash games to play with a friend. Armed with bows, you take turns shooting an arrow at each other from far distances. When I was in high school this was the game to play if you wanted to slack off in class.

Alien Hominid By The Behemoth – The same developers that created popular PC and Xbox 360 game Castle Crashers made Alien Hominid. Playing as an alien, blast secret agents that are trying to capture you. It’s a pretty hard game, but fun once you become better at it and know how to battle against the bosses.

Raze 2 By Armor Games – Raze 2 has great campaign levels. I would say it’s like the 2D version of Halo. Has that futuristic theme. Blast robots and soldiers. Upgrade your weapons!

EARN TO DIE 2: EXODUS By Toffee Games – The best truck upgrade game I have played. Driving through a zombie apocalypse is not easy. Every time you die, you will earn a little cash that can be used for all kinds of awesome truck upgrades. Try to eventually make it the endpoint.

Worlds Hardest Game By Cool Math Games – You will die a lot in this game. Play through a bunch of brutally hard maze style levels where you have to avoid everything and make it to the end point.

Magic Pen By BubbleBox – A puzzle drawing game. Try to figure out how to get the circle object to the flag. Draw shapes and objects to help you.

Portal Flash By Draggy – The 2D Flash version of popular puzzle game Portal. Armed with a portal gun. Use it to solve puzzles and defeat levels.

Penguin Diner 2 By 2DPlay – Penguin Diner 2 is the Flash version of Diner Dash. A restaurant serving simulator. Sit down, clean up, collect money and set tables. Make sure all customers are happy by performing your duties quickly.

Learn To Fly 2 By Kongregate – One of the best flash upgrade games. Help this penguin learn how to fly. Trial and error. Earning cash along the way for upgrades will help this penguin fly further and further.

Boxhead By Sean Cooper Games – Boxhead is a zombie shooter game, with Lego style graphics. Save civilians and try to make it to the destination points without dying. Many levels and modes to play through.

The Helicopter Game By See Thru Games – Before Flappy Bird was around there was The Helicopter Game. This was the true first Flappy Bird type game. Fly as far as you can without crashing. Try to gain the highest score.

Fishy By Xgenstudios – Eat fish to grow bigger and bigger. Avoid all larger fish that want to eat you. Try to become the last fish left in the pond, by eating everything else.

Double Wires – Simple fun Spiderman type web swinging game. If you don’t keep swinging you will die. Try to make it as far as you can to achieve for a high score.

Scary Maze Game By Fugly – Scary Maze is a great game if you want to scare little kids or family members. Go through a three-level maze without touching the walls. On third level, the exorcist will pop out to scare you.

GameTornado Series Of Games – Including all kinds of cool kill and destruction games based on dinosaurs, apes, monster trucks and more. Mini Train was a great puzzler. Jelly Truck is a great physics classic. Every game made by this company is fun and worth checking out.

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