15 Best Puzzle Games On PS4 Or Xbox One So Far

Creating a ranked list of the best puzzle games on PS4 or Xbox One was a difficult task. Many of these puzzle games are different from each other and provide various levels of puzzle solving difficulty. Some games will have you adventuring through levels while solving a series of smaller easier puzzles. While other games are based solely on challenging puzzle solving rooms. Depending on what types of puzzle games you like, the numbered rankings in this article should be taken with a grain of salt. This top list should give gamers an idea of what’s available and which games are worth looking into. When new worthy games are released, this article will be updated.

15. Unmechanical: Extended Edition

#15 Unmechanical: Extended Edition
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Unmechanical is a 2.5D side-scrolling puzzler. You play as a flying robot that can pick up and drop things. Most of the puzzles will have you picking up and dropping things. It’s a very simple gameplay concept, but most puzzles are creative, varied well, mildly challenging, and fun to solve. The extended version is packed with more than 50 unique puzzles to play through including physics, logic, and memory type challenges. Unmechanical: Extended Edition is short, providing only a couple of hours of gameplay. However, the price is only $10 and it often goes on sale for $5 or below. It’s not the most memorable title, but I thought it was worth a play through.

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14. MouseCraft

#14 MouseCraft
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Mousecraft’s gameplay is a perfect cross between Lemmings and Tetris. Help Schrödinger the crazy cat scientist with his mouse powered experiments, by bringing the mice to safety (the cheese) in each level. As the mice move you will have to intelligently place Tetris like shaped blocks on the screen, hoping your actions will bring the mice to safety. There is a good amount of trial and error, because of deadly obstacles and gaps laying around. MouseCraft features over 80 levels to play through in 4 different worlds. There is also a level editor, in case you want to create your own levels. MouseCraft is pretty straight forward, but the challenging puzzles, cartoony graphics, and unique gameplay make it worth playing.
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13. Infinifactory (PS4 Exclusive)

#13 Infinifactory
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Infinifactory is a production line factory puzzler. Try to build products, by placing machines down in the right orders or positions. Infinifactory is not a pick up and play type of game. It takes a little time to get used to the controls and the machines parts you’re working with. Building things the right way, is what makes Infinifactory so addicting. Some products look so simple to build, however when you start placing down machines and conveyor belts you will probably realize some of these puzzles are much harder than they look. There is over 50 levels to play through in the PS4 version, and multiple ways to solve each puzzle. leader-boards are present in each level, so you can compare your skills against others. If you have patience, love building things, and enjoy hard but satisfying puzzles, Infinifactory is a must play.
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12. Fez

#12 Fez
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Fez is really not my type of 2D platform game, but when it comes to the gameplay it’s impressive and unique. Fez really doesn’t have any puzzle! Puzzles! in it. The gameplay in itself feels like a giant puzzle at times, because of how Fez is played. You are able to rotate the world at a full 360 degrees, but in sections of 4 different 2D 90 degree angles. So basically each area has 4 sides that can be explored. This gameplay makes you think more because you will be required to rotate the world when trying to find missing cubes or make it through certain areas. The rotation gameplay adds in a sense of discovery and minor puzzle style gameplay at every corner. If you are looking for something different, with imaginative level design Fez might be for you.
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11. Thimbleweed Park

#11 Thimbleweed Park
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Thimbleweed Park is a point and click adventure game that’s packed with item based puzzles. The story revolves around a murder mystery case that detective characters are trying to solve. Every character has a to list, which are essentially hints to puzzles or what you have to do next. Throughout the game, you will run into a lot of puzzles. Some are easy to solve, while other involve investigating or trying to figure out a solution. This sort of point and click adventure genre game wont appeal to everyone. If you are a fan of classic point and click adventures like the Monkey Island series, you will enjoy Thimbleweed Parks, characters, story, puzzles and gameplay. For everyone else, you will just have to try Thimbleweed Park out to see if it’s your cup of tea.
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10. Unravel

#10 Unravel
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Unravel is a 2D platform puzzler where you play as a character named “Yarney”, who is made out yarn. With Yarney’s yarn string you can swing from objects, pull objects, create objects and use it to solve puzzles. There is a lot of challenging physics based puzzles throughout the game. Besides the main puzzles, there is also five secret yarn flowers hidden in each level. These yarn flowers sometimes require a solution to a puzzle before acquiring them. On a side note the controls, levels, music, are all great. The graphics are really impressive. This is probably the best looking 2D platform game on The PS4 or Xbox One.
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9. Q.U.B.E: Director’s Cut

#9 Q.U.B.E Directors Cut
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In Q.U.B.E you play as a unnamed astronaut trapped inside a alien spaceship. In order to save man kind, you must solve all the puzzles in this spaceship. In each room, you will control different colored blocks with your mind to solve puzzles. These different colored blocks all do different things. Red blocks raise or lower, yellow blocks build stairs and you can bounce off of blue blocks. In later rooms green cubes and balls are introduced to the puzzles, making them more interesting and challenging. Q.U.B.E is a budget game, and for $10 it’s well worth a play through, especially if you enjoyed games like Portal, The Talos Principle, or the Turing Test.
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8. The Turing Test

#8 The Turing Test
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The Turing Test is a first person puzzler that’s inspired by Portal. You will play through a series of easy and challenging puzzle rooms set in a desolate space station on Jupiter’s moon. You will harness a Energy Manipulation Tool that allows you to power on, drop, and throw individual objects. You will be accompanied by a voice AI unit named Tom, who will guide you through the space stations puzzle rooms. The story is very intriguing and was surprising, it’s about discovering the mysteries of the space station’s missing crew. Running on Unreal Engine 4, graphically The Turing test is a treat to look at. The puzzles and atmosphere might not live up to masterpieces like Portal 2 or The Talos Principle, but The Turing Test is still a darn good game, and worth checking out.
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7. The Sexy Brutale

#7 The Sexy Brutale
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The Sexy Brutale’s entire game is set in a mansion. You will explore the murder mysteries of this mansion. You will investigate each murder, solve environmental puzzles, execute a plan, and then rewind time to see if you prevented the murder from ever happening. It’s a strange one of a kind game, that’s really fun to play. I can see a lot of gamers not giving The Sexy Brutale a chance based on how the graphics look and the murder mansion setting. It also isn’t a traditional platformer or puzzler. The music, characters, story, setting and puzzles work so well together, that it’s hard not to recommend this game to puzzle fans or gamers in general.
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6. Limbo

#6 Limbo
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Limbo is a puzzle platformer where you play as a mysterious kid that wakes up in a world he knows nothing about. Everything is set in black and white, giving the game a eerie feeling. The animations and music are some of the best I have ever seen in a 2D platform game. Pretty much everything is against you in Limbo. The environments, animals, and other children all want you dead. You must do whatever it takes to survive when traveling through these areas. The game isn’t filled with overly challenging or mind numbing puzzles. Instead, Limbo mostly throws a lot of smaller survive or die puzzles at you, that merge well into the gameplay. Limbo is a short game (about 3 hours), but the puzzles, atmosphere and gameplay are so memorable. If you haven’t played Limbo yet, I suggest you play it soon. Since it’s an older game it sells for a cheap price and is well worth a play through.
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5. Inside

#5 Inside
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Inside was created by the same developers (Playdead) as Limbo. From a gameplay and character point of view, Inside is very similar to Limbo. Inside has improved on everything that made limbo great. Colors were also added, instead of the Limbo signature black and white. I enjoyed the graphics, animations, various environments and all the memorable survive or die puzzles in Inside. This is truly a special game that I think a lot of gamers would enjoy. Keep in mind it’s only about 3 hours long, but the experience still makes it worth it. I played Inside a year after release, and regretted not playing it sooner :D.
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4. The Swapper

#4 The Swapper
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The Swapper is a unique 2D puzzle platformer that features clay graphics and body swapping gameplay. You play as an astronaut trapped in a lonely abandoned space station. Armed with a body cloning device, you are able to create up 4 clones of your body at a time. You can swap between these clones at anytime. Every other clone you create will replicate your movements. The puzzles are very clever and require you to sacrifice your body clones intelligently. In later levels the puzzles become much more challenging, so make sure you have your thinking cap ready before playing The Swapper. Overall The Swapper is really fun and the puzzles are imaginative. The story is unforgettably awesome and eerie. If you love strange puzzle games, with out of the box stories, The Swapper should be on your must play soon list.
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3.The Last Guardian (PS4 Exclusive)

#3 The Last Guardian
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The Last Guardian is a fantastic 3D puzzle platformer. It features a nameless boy and his friend Trico. Trico is a giant bird/rat looking animal. Both Trico and the boy have a few things in common. They are both prisoners in a castle and they both want to escape. Throughout the game, they develop a great friendship based on trust. The puzzles often involve the boy and Trico working together. Trico is great for getting the boy to higher places and fighting off enemies. When it comes to getting into tighter areas, moving boxes, and pulling switches, the boy comes in handy. Throughout the game, you will command Trico to help you in certain situations. Trico will also need your help throughout the game. The overall goal in The Last Guardian is to keep moving ahead. Solving the various puzzles are just part of the obstacles while traveling through this amazing journey.
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2. The Witness

#2 The Witness
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The Witness has a masterful puzzle design and beautiful visuals. You are placed in a open world to explore, with varied environments and many puzzles solve. The Witness starts you off solving simple line puzzles, as the game progresses so does the difficulty of the line puzzles and there rules. As you solve puzzles there is subtle changes happening in The Witness’s world, making the puzzles feel meaningful. Starting out, you might not understand every puzzle you run across in The Witness, and it’s ok to skip those.  Later on, you will likely know how to solve the puzzles you originally skipped. The Witness is brilliant in every way, and is a unique puzzler that should not be missed.
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1. The Talos Principle: Deluxe Edition

#1 The Talos Principle
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The Talos Principle is my favorite puzzler on either console so far. Created by Croteam, oddly the same developers who are known for the crazy Serious Sam first person shooter series. Talos is no copy cat to games like Myst or Portal, it’s similar to those games but stands uniquely on its own. You play as a robot in a unknown futuristic world that’s similar to earth. Humanities greatest historic ruins are present in this world. You must solve puzzles to collect shapes needed to unlock new areas. The puzzles mostly consist of placing lazer units in correct areas to unlock doors and activate certain machines, for example, fans or jumpers. In each area, there is a set of shapes to collect along with secret star shapes that unlock awesome areas. The Talos Principle is a strait forward level puzzler, but also holds a bizarre story if you choose to read the messages at PC terminals. I recommend using your headphones while playing and turning the volume up high, the immersion in The Talos Principle is insane. The puzzles are addicting, the story is very interesting and the GOD-like voice that accompanies you makes the puzzle solving feel important. The Talos Principle is a must own for any puzzle gaming fan.
Note: The Talos Principle was recently released for Xbox One on 8/31/2018. I am happy Xbox One gamers get to finally play this awesome puzzle game. If you’re a Xbox One X owner, this game is enhanced to 4K resolution and has higher quality textures.
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* Honorable Mentions *

The following games either barley missed our top list, are older Xbox 360 backwards compatible on Xbox One games, are traditional puzzle games, or are loosely related to the puzzle genre.

Portal 2 (Xbox One Backwards Compatible) – My favorite puzzle game for the Xbox 360. It also plays perfectly on the Xbox One :D. Armed with a portal gun, solve all kinds of crazy puzzles accompanied by a humorous robotic voice. If you haven’t played this game, you are missing out. Remember one thing though, “The cake is a lie”.

Portal 1 in The Orange Box (Xbox One Backwards Compatible) – The Orange Box is a great compilation game that includes all the main Half-Life 2 games, along with Portal 1 and Team Fortress 2. It’s a great pack of games, and Portal is a nice puzzler.

Braid (Xbox One Backwards Compatible) – Braid is a fantastic time twisting 2D platforming puzzler created by the same indie developer (Jonathan Blow) that created The Witness. At first glance it kind of resembles Super Mario Bros. I guess Braid is the more mature Super Mario Bros with crazier enemies, intelligent puzzles, the ability to control time and has an awesome story.

Uncharted Series (PS4 Exclusives) – Uncharted is known for it’s great cinematic style graphics, story and action packed gameplay. All the games in the series have a nice mix of puzzles also, that are fun to solve.

Trine Series – The Trine series are pretty good 2D platform games that have magical characters. There are a lot of small puzzles to solve merged into every levels gameplay.

Puyo Puyo Tetris – The best Tetris game on PS4 or Xbox One if you are looking for a more traditional puzzler.

Escape Plan (PS4 Exclusive) – A simple 2D puzzle game where you have to survive through a labyrinth full of traps. It’s ok I guess.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War – The war story is amazing in Valiant Hearts. It’s gameplay is full of simple puzzles to solve that are perfect for how slow paced the gameplay is.

Snake Pass – A good 3D Snake Platformer :D. There’s not really any puzzles in it. The trial and error involved and learning how to slither through difficult areas, can make it feel like a puzzle game at times.

Tricky Towers – A simple yet addicting Tetris style stacking game. It’s really fun when playing against someone else locally.

Oddworld New N Tasty – The remade version of the classic PS1 game. For a simple 2D game it does have some nice puzzles in it, the gameplay feels a bit aged though. I think I played the classic game so many times already, that I am a bit tired of it, lol.

Rime – The atmosphere is great, but the puzzles were a bit too easy, played out, and predicable for me. It’s still a good game, just don’t expect an amazing puzzle solving experience.

Grim Fandango Remastered (PS4 Exclusive) – The remastered version of the classic PS1 game. There is some decent puzzles in this one, however, I don’t think the game aged too well!

Road Not Taken – Play as a wandering ranger. The mayor gives you a job to save captured children. Besides the town management, Road Not Taken has some decent item puzzles in it.

SuperHyperCube (PS VR Exclusive) – A cool PS VR game where you have to match puzzle piece shapes that are coming at you fast.

Contrast – Like Rime, I thought the puzzles were a bit too easy. I really didn’t like Contrast at all as a puzzler or a game in general. I just added it here because other gamers seem to like it and it is mentioned every now and then.

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