10 Best Xbox One Games For Girls Under 10 Years Old

Lately, me and my 7-year old daughter have been playing a lot of Xbox One games together. My daughter originally only played games on her Android tablet and our PS4. She made the switch to Xbox One as her primary gaming device when she started playing Roblox and discovered the exclusive Disney games available via Xbox Game Pass. After researching and playing a large variety of Xbox One games with my daughter. I finally decided to put together this ranked list featuring the 10 best Xbox One games for girls under 10 years old. When new worthy games are released (daughter approved), this article will be updated.

* Abbreviations Used In This List *
(PWEG) = Played With Experienced Gamers – Younger inexperienced gamers can play these difficult games. Although, it’s best to play them with at least one experienced gamer.
(EGO) = Experienced Gamers Only –  Moderately difficult Games for experienced gamers close to ages 9 years old and up.

10. Snoopy’s Grand Adventure

#10 Snoopys Grand Adventure
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Based on a side story related toThe Peanuts animated Movie. Snoopy’s Grand Adventure is the perfect 2D platform game for young beginner gamers. It’s a really easy game to play. It supports 2 player couch Co-OP making it a fantastic game for family play. Even non-gamers can easily learn how to play this with only around 20 minutes of  practice.

After Snoopy is woken up from a deep sleep he realizes Charlie Brown and friends went off to play hide and seek. Now Snoopy is a quest to find his friends. Playing as Snoopy you’ll travel across many different levels. You’ll encounter a lot of different obstacles and face a variety of easy to defeat enemies.  You can optionally find 300 jelly beans and other collectibles in each level.

Overall Snoopy’s Grand Adventure is a good game, but it’s on the short side. It takes about 3 to 5 hours to beat unless you collect all the collectibles.


9. Overcooked 1 & 2 (PWEG)

#9 Overcooked 1 & 2
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If you have three or more gamers in your house I highly recommend Overcooked 1 or 2. Overcooked is an up to 4 player couch Co-Op cooking game where you play as professional chefs. There is a large variety of challenging and crazy levels to pass. In each level, you and teammates must prepare, cook, and serve a variety of meals before the time runs out. If you meet the necessary serve goals you’ll advance to the next level.

This game will pressure you to work as a team as efficiently as possible. It’s easiest when played with 4 players that know what they’re doing, but it can be played with 3 players. Later levels are too difficult for 1 or 2 players.

My 7-year old daughter likes this game but struggles with some of the more intense multi-tasking cooking areas. Me and my older 13-year old son take on the more intense aspects of preparing food and cooking. While my daughter washes dishes, brings us clean plates, and serves finished meals. Everyone in our family is happy playing Overcooked this way. It’s not the easiest game for younger kids, but if the entire family plays Overcooked it can provide hours of fun.

8. Rare Replay

#8 Rare Replay
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Rare Replay is a great collection featuring 30 classic Rare Developed games. A few of the games in this collection are perfect for young girl gamers. The games I would recommend for girls are Banjo-Kazooie & Tooie, both Viva Piñata games, and Grabbed by the Ghoulies. The action-adventure game Kameo might also appeal to some girls.

Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie are fun 3D platform games where you play as Banjo the Bear and his sidekick the red bird Kazooie. You’ll embark on a quest to collect jigsaw puzzle pieces, defeat enemies, travel to different worlds and eventually fight the wicked witch Gruntilda. To advance to the next world you must collect a certain amount of jigsaw puzzle pieces. Overall Banjo is a great collect-a-thon platformer.

In Viva Piñata you’ll manage and grow a garden. Try to attract different living Piñata animals to your garden. There is always something to learn in this game. It has great progression throughout, but later levels might be too hard for younger gamers.

In Grabbed by the Ghoulies you play as a boy lost in a haunted mansion. Your goal is to make it through this haunted mansion alive. you’ll fight zombies, ghouls and ghosts. This game has nice animated cartoony graphics and isn’t too hard. It can become repetitive after a while though.

7. Rayman Legends (PWEG)

#7 Rayman Legends
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Rayman Legends is a beautiful 2D platform game. This game can be played with up to 4-players cooperatively. There is a large variety of goofy looking male and female characters to unlock and play as. There is also a lot of different worlds and levels to unlock. Kids really enjoy the music rhythm based levels. The musical levels are fast-paced and a lot of fun.

When you die in Rayman Legends you’ll become a bubble first so your teammates have a chance to pop the bubble and revive you. This is a great feature because when inexperienced players die you can quickly revive them, bringing them back to the game instantly. My daughter can beat the first 7 or so levels on her own. But after that, the game does become more challenging. When me and her play as a team, we progress through the game at a nice pace.

Overall Rayman Legends is a great platformer for girl gamers. I recommend playing it with multiple players. At least 2 players, 4 would be even better.

6. Just Dance 2017, 2018, 2019

#6 Just Dance
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Just Dance is the ultimate pop music dancing simulator. All yearly additions of Just Dance feature a large variety of pop songs to dance to. Before you play, you’ll create a unique avatar. You can level up your avatar by finishing songs.  Depending on how well you perform you’ll be ranked up to 5 stars. Each song you finish will score you redeemable points. You can unlock new songs and other items with the redeemable points.

Just Dance’s controls are pretty cool. All you need is a phone or tablet. Download the free Just Dance app to your Android or IOS device, then your ready go. while running the app, hold your phone or tablet in one hand. Your movements will be tracked and scored accurately.

I would recommend Just Dance to any girl gamer that loves modern pop music and dancing (of course).

5. Joy Ride Turbo

#5 Joy Ride Turbo
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Joy Ride Turbo is the best racing game available on Xbox One for kids. It’s also a great racer for family play because it has 4 players split-screen available. There are a lot of different modes to choose from. Championship race mode is where you’ll race in different cup tournaments. There is also the stunt park mode. Open sandbox areas filled with huge ramps and special items to collect. New tracks can be unlocked by finishing races. Most cars in this game are locked starting out. You can easily unlock new cars buy finding and collecting car part boxes.

What I like most about Joy Ride Turbo are the huge ramps and the insane car tricks. By performing car tricks in the air you’ll earn speed-boost.  Having a lot boost is always useful if you want to win races.  Like Super Mario Kart there is power-ups and weapons in crates scattered across the race tracks.

If you have girls or boys in the house that love racing games. Joy Ride Turbo is a must buy!

4. Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure

#4 Rush A Disney Pixar Adventure
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Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure is a fantastic 3D adventure game for younger children. When starting the game you’ll have a choice to choose a girl or boy character. The main hub world is located at Pixar Animation Studio. When starting the game at Pixar studio you’ll meet up with other kids and characters. The Pixar Studio is a magical gateway to many Disney Pixar movie based games. There are levels from popular animated movies like “Ratatouille,” “Cars”, “The Incredible,” “Up,” “Toy Story”, and “Finding Dory”.

All of the games in Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure are easy to play and there’s no way to really die. The object of the game is to play through these levels and collect as many coins as you can. Each level is high in quality and has a little movie story to go along with them. This game is short at around 2 to 4 hours to complete. My daughter beat this game over and over before she started to become tired of it. It’s definitely a fun game and has a lot of replayability.

3. Disneyland Adventures

#3 Disneyland Adventures
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Disneyland Adventures is a Disneyland simulator with a lot of magical levels added in. When you start Disney Adventure you’ll choose to play as a boy or girl character. Mickey Mouse is your main guide around Disneyland Park, but you’ll encounter many other Disney characters. Magical mirrored levels can be found around the park. The levels are based on different Disney characters and movies. You’ll playthrough Peter Pan, Alice In Wonderland, Jungle Book, Toy Story and many more themed levels.

When you beat levels you’ll unlock new missions and earn money to buy cool Disney themed costumes for your character. This is a very easy game because you can’t die. In each level, you’re ranked out of 5 stars. The more stars you earn the more coins you’ll have to purchase items.

Overall Disneyland Adventures is a great game for younger children that love Disney characters and movies.

2. Minecraft (Creative Mode)

#2 Minecraft
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Minecraft will forever be one of the best sandbox creation games ever made. Minecraft has two different gameplay modes available. The first mode is “survival” where you must craft items, hunt and try to survive as long as possible. The second mode is “Creative”,  I recommend this mode to younger children. In creative mode, all building materials are available to you and there isn’t a way to die. You’re simply spawned on a randomly generated map and can create anything you want with the materials provided. Your world is automatically saved, so you can load it back up the next time you play.

A few years ago me and my kids worked on a huge Minecraft world together. The world had numerous mansions, roller coasters, fishing lakes, Skyscrapers, creeper pits, animal farms and more. It’s a great family game and best of all it can be played with 4 players via split-screen. My daughter still plays Minecraft on and off. She now has her own developed world.

1. Roblox (Free To Play)

#1 Roblox
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My daughter, nieces, and nephews all love to play Roblox. Roblox is a free to play online games platform that features thousands of community made games. Kids can create their own LEGO looking character (avatar) and explore different games alone or with friends online. There is an enormous variety of different types of games to play. Best of all, every game can be played for free. There are optional Robux (In-game currency) premium purchases. Robux can be used to buy premium avatars and helpful items.

Roblox has a high player return rate among kids because many existing games are updated often and new games are constantly being added to the platform. Roblox is the perfect online game for young kids just learning how to play games!

* Some Of The Best Girl Friendly Games In Roblox *

Here are a few girl friendly Roblox games worth searching up.

Roblox High School: A virtual high school simulator where you and other online players will attend different classes such as math, social studies, history, science, P.E and more.  After completing an assignment all online players will be graded. You can even go lunch and drive home when schools out!

Speed Run 4 [Classic]: You’ll find a lot of great jumping and parkour games on Roblox. Speed Run 4 [Classic]  is one of our favorite running/jumping games.

Robot 64: A quality easy to play 3D platform game. Robot 64 is inspired by the classic Super Mario 64 game. In Robot 64 you play as a Robot on a quest to collect Ice Cream cones in various magical worlds. The more Ice-Cream cones you collect the more worlds you’ll be able to unlock.

Fashion Famous: A cute fashion show game. Girls have 2 minutes to dress up and then they’ll compete on the runway. The girl with the most positive votes for her outfit will win the match.

Adopt Me: Choose to play as a mom or a baby. If you’re a baby you’ll have to find a mom (online player) who’ll adopt you. If you’re a mom you’ll have to adopt and take care of babies. It’s a funny game. It’s great for young girls who like babies.

Royale High: A hangout game that focuses on beautiful avatars. You can collect gems and upgrade your avatar in many beautiful ways.

Jail Break: A kids friendly GTA. You can play as a cop or a prisoner. If you’re a cop you’ll have to try to catch and arrest escaped prisoners. If you’re a prisoner, make a run for it!

* Honorable Mentions *

The following games either barely missed our top list or are too hard for children under 10 years old.
Paw Patrol On A Roll – This is a decent easy to play 2D platform game. It will appeal to kids that love the Paw Patrol TV cartoon.

Nickelodeon Kart Racers – It’s not nearly as good as Super Mario Kart, but it’s easy to play. A great Kart racing game for young kids that love Nickelodeon cartoon characters.

Abzu –  Playing as a Scuba diver you’ll explore the depths of a beautiful ocean. You’ll encounter an abundance of beautiful sea life such as fish, whales, sharks and more.

LEGO Games – There are a lot of LEGO games available for the Xbox One. Not all girls like LEGO games, but some might enjoy titles like Lego Harry Potter: Collection, LEGO: Worlds, and LEGO The Incredibles.

Rabbids Invasion (Requires Kinect) – A fun game for kids that love Rabbids Invasion cartoons. Unfortunately, the XBox One version requires the “Kinect” motion sensor attachment.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (PWEG) – Best played with 4 players via local couch Co-Op. You’ll have to work as a team if you want to be successful. Every player has a job on the spaceship. One person drives the ship while others control the guns, shield, and bombs. Blast enemies and try to collect all of the hearts.

Sonic Mania (EGO) – A great 2D Sonic The Hedgehog platform game inspired by the classic titles.

Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (EGO) – The perfect 2D platform game for Mickey Mouse fans. As a warning! it’s challenging in some areas.

Zoo Tycoon: Ultimate Animal Collection (EGO) – A zoo simulator that’s good for kids. Manage and build your zoo.  Buy animals and attract visitors. For basic play Zoo Tycoon is fun, but if you don’t manage your park correctly mistakes can make the game frustrating.

Crash Bandicoot (EGO) – The three classic PS1 Crash games remastered. Advanced gamers only.

Spyro Reignited Trilogy (EGO) – Remastered versions of the Spyro 3D platform games. They’re not as hard as Crash Badicoot games but still pretty difficult.

Super Lucky’s Tale (EGO) – A fun 3D platformer that’s much harder than it looks. Playing as Lucky the fox travel through levels collecting 4 leaf clovers to unlock new worlds.

Max: The Curse of Brotherhood (EGO) – A fun 2D platform game where you play as a boy equipped with a magical world changing marker.

Ori and the Blind Forest (EGO) – My all-time favorite Metroidvania 2D platform game. Ori’s graphics and art design are absolutely gorgeous. The music is incredible and the story is very heartwarming. In later levels, the game becomes excruciatingly hard. I highly recommend this game to all gamers, but just make sure you’re great at 2D platform games.

Giana Sisters Twisted Dreams (EGO) – A nice 2D  platform game where you’ll play as 2 sisters. You can transfer between the two at any time. One sister controls the light world while the other controls the dark world.

Stardew Valley (EGO) – The best 2D farm simulator.  Besides farming, you can go fishing, mining for cash, help people, craft items and more. This is a great game for kids and adults.

Shantae Half-Genie Hero (EGO) – A colorful 2D platform game featuring a playable female genie character named Shantae. The gameplay is easy in early levels, but the missions can become a little confusing at times. I even got lost a few times.

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