Best Snowboarding & Skateboarding Games On PS4 Or Xbox One

So far this gaming generation has been a bit sluggish when it comes to Snowboarding and Skateboarding game releases. However in the last year a few new snowboarding games have been released on the PS4 and Xbox One. Xbox One X has also received a 4k resolution patch for Xbox 360 Backwards compatible game Skate 3. Even though the extreme sports genre has been looking scarce this generation, I am starting to see some positive movement. I am confident new games will be announced in the near future. For right now, I hope you enjoy this article focusing on the best snowboarding and skateboarding games released so far on PS4 or Xbox One. As new games are released, this article will be updated.

6. SNOW 

#6 Snow
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Currently SNOW is only available on PS4 and PC. It’s also in BETA, so it’s considered to be a work in progress. SNOW aims to become a Free To Play game with optional purchases of clothing, new maps, new snowboards, Skis and Snow Mobiles. On PS4 you will have to pay $20 to test out the BETA, but you will also receive a lot of cool in-game items as a purchaser of the BETA.  There is already a lot of character customization options here, such as clothing and changing your characters looks. SNOW offer the ability to ride down a mountain using a Snowboard, Skis, or a Snowmobile. You can perform real life tricks and grinds with all three. This game is a bit slower paced then other recent snowboarding game releases. It kind of reminds me of a fun simulator game called Amped: Freestyle Snowboarding for the original Xbox. This game is pretty good so far, more options, maps and missions need to be added though. I also noticed some bad rag doll physics, odd bugs, along with unexciting trick text. Considering this is a indie game developed by a 10 man team, I have no doubt SNOW will become a more polished game in time.
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5. Mark McMorris Infinite Air

#5 Mark McMorris Infinite Air
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Mark McMorris Infinite Air is a fun overlooked Snowboarding game that feels like a cross between a simulator and a arcade style experience. In Infinite air you can create your own custom characters or select real life pros. There is a large amount of cosmetic unlockables, including new clothing and snowboards. The amount of tricks and grinds in Infinite air is really impressive. Whats not impressive, is the controls. Some players that are seeking a challenge might love the very technical trick controls, while others with less patience to learn the controls might hate it. Learning how to trick at fast speeds will also be a problem for new players. The mountain locations, grind rails and ramp set ups are done pretty well. The ability to create your own custom slopes and share them among other players online is a nice addition. Overall Infinite Air is a pretty fun Snowboarding experience, but be warned it’s difficult to master the games controls and trick timing.
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4. SSX (Backwards Compatible On Xbox One)

#4 SSX
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If you are looking for a fast arcade style snowboarding game, packed with over exaggerated air tricks and grinds, SSX is the game to play. Riding down massive mountains while performing insane combos is so much fun. Just about everything in this game can be customized and upgraded. The cool comic style characters have neat stories also. Surprisingly people are still playing SSX online competing for high scores. This is a XBOX 360 game, that’s backwards compatible on Xbox One. Graphically it holds up pretty well for an older game, Xbox One X has silky smooth frame rates compared to when played on Xbox 360, also textures and colors look crisper. The controls take some time to get used to. Don’t expect to be a pro in the first 15 minutes playing SSX. It is a harder snowboard game to master, learning how to perform and linking tricks together is very rewarding though. It’s a must play if you don’t mind playing a last gen game on your Xbox One.
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3. OlliOlli & OlliOlli 2

#3 OllieOliie 2
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OlliOlli 1 & 2 are side-scrolling 2D skateboarding games, that will test your reflexes. While both games are awesome, I prefer Part 2 a little more because it has crazier levels and more tricks available to execute. Each level is pretty short but packed with ramps, rails, gaps and missions to accomplish. Missions might include achieving a high trick score or performing certain number trick types in a run. By earning 5 stars on each level you will unlock new levels to play through. The world themes are pretty cool also, inspired by Hollywood, Aztec jungle, western, space and more. Linking tricks to grinds and manuals is the name of the game. Trick timing and getting used to the controls takes a little time, but it’s fairly easy to learn with some practice. Once you get the hang of OlliOlli, you will probably be surprised how addicting this game is. If you don’t mind the 2D graphics, OlliOlli is a must play!
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2. Steep

#2 Steep
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Steep is by far the best Snowboarding game released for PS4 and Xbox One so far. The massive mountains, easy controls, beautiful photo realistic environments and intense challenges are the highlights of Steep. Its basically a sandbox game, with freedom to ride where ever you want. You can also go paragliding, Sking and use a wing suit in steep. So it’s not a strait Snowboarding game, it focuses more on winter mountain sports in general. However snowboarding is definitely the highlight of the package. Steep is a simulator at heart, you could compare Steep’s gameplay more to Skate, then SXX or Tony Hawk games. Online is required because players can jump in and out at any moment. Online being required is one of the down falls to Steep, however PS Plus and Xbox Gold is not required to play it.  There could have been more player progression and unlocks also. Besides the negatives, this is an amazing game to play, and should not be passed up.
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1. Skate 3 (Backwards Compatible On Xbox One)

#1 Skate 3
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Skate 3 has been a backwards compatible Xbox 360 game for a while now on Xbox One. The gameplay, realistic trick controls and open city level design are spot on in Skate 3. Everything is improved over previous entries. Skating challenges alone are tons of fun, along with character creation & progression, earning new gear and learning harder trick combos. What I love most about Skate 3 is the online play and the ability to create your own skate parks. Recently Microsoft has created a native 4K patch for Skate 3, for use with the more powerful Xbox One X system. Skate 3 was already an awesome skateboarding simulator worth being #1 on this list. The Xbox One X patch makes the game even more awesome, adding a much higher 4K HD resolution, better textures and better frame rate. Skate 3 feels new again, because of this patch upgrade. Hopefully Skate 4 will be announced for PS4 or Xbox One soon. In January of 2017 EA community manager Daniel Lingen did tweet #SKATE4 but no other news has came out since. I have a feeling we will here something about Skate 4 soon, for now Skate 3 is the only option for a good 3D skateboarding game.
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* Honorable Mentions *


Tony Hawks Pro Skater 5 – This is probably the worst game in the THPS series. Riddled with bugs, odd physics, outdated graphics, bad frame rates, lack of characters and uninspired level design. If you look past all the faults in THPS 5, you might still enjoy the game. The insane combos, special moves and missions are all still there, and online play is fairly fun. Overall THPS 5 was a below average experience for me that felt unfinished. It could have been so much better. Unless you are a hardcore THPS fan, you should probably rent this before you decide to buy it.

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