I Will Be Updating Level Smack Soon Again!!! I’m Not Dead

Hello, This is Chris D the head Webmaster/owner Of Level Smack. I temporarily stopped updating Level Smack because I had some personal problems and family issues along with different business ventures come my way. So I put Level Smack and all my other websites to the side temporarily for a few months. Everything is good now, so I plan on updating Level Smack and my other websites regularly again.

I’m making a Few Changes To Level Smack !!!

Level Smack won’t be just about video game top lists anymore. I have other hobbies I would like to write about on Level Smack.  I’ll be expanding my video game articles and adding articles based on Movies and Tech. I think I have done a great job with niche video game top lists, but change is coming!!! I have time again, so I’m happy to be back and try some new things.


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Chris D.
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