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Michael Myers is the notorious murderer antagonist from the Horror Halloween films. On October 19th, 2018 a new Halloween film will be released. I’m hoping this new movie will spark up the franchise once again. In this article, I look at all official and notable fan created Halloween: Michael Myers video games. When new games are released, this article will be updated.

1. Halloween (Atari 2600)

#1 Halloween
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Halloween for the Atari 2600 was released in 1983 by Wizard Video. This was the first and only official Halloween franchise video game ever released. In Halloween, you play as a babysitter (presumably Laurie Strode) who must guide children to safety before Micheal Myers kills them. Micheal is wielding his favorite weapon a chef’s knife and is not afraid to kill you or any kids. The object of the game is to score as many points as you can before dying all 3 lives, the game is ongoing with no end. You score points by dropping off kids in the safe zones. While playing you’ll encounter a knife weapon on the floors that can be used to stab Michael with. Stabbing Michael will make him temporally disappear, but he will be back again. Overall Halloween is a decent Atari 2600 game, that stays true to the action parts of the movie.
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2. Babysitter Bloodbath – Fan Game (PC)

#2 Babysitter Bloodbath
– Older Free Version Named Halloween | Newer Paid Version
Babysitter Bloodbath is a fan-created game inspired by the Halloween film. The older version of Babysitter Bloodbath was originally named “Halloween”, but because of copyright issues, the name was changed to Babysitter Bloodbath. The story and names of characters were also changed in the newer version. The brutal murderer Neokalus Burr (AKA: Michael Myers) has escaped from Monroe State mental hospital after being locked up for 22 years. You play as a babysitter who must watch over young Billy, while his parents are gone. This is your first night as a babysitter, you will talk on the phone, invite your boyfriend over, and encounter scary things. It’s not all laid back fun though when you realize you’re being stalked by a crazed murderer. The game stays fairly true to the Halloween movies. Encounters with Neokalus Burr are frightening, keeping you paranoid at all times. The story and voice acting are also done well. I wish the game had better 3D graphics, but it’s still tolerable. Running through the house and guiding Billy to safety does require some trial and error. You will probably die a lot during your first playthrough. Overall Babysitter Bloodbath only takes about 40 minutes to beat, it has intense stressful gameplay moments, and it’s a cheap buy at $3. If you’re a fan of the Halloween movies, this game is worth checking out.
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* Michael Myers Made Playable Appearances In These Games *

The following games are not based around Michael Myers, but they do feature him as a playable character.

– Terrordome – Fan Game (PC)
Terrordome - Michael Myers
– Download It Here
– More Information About Michael Myers In Terrordome
Michael Myers makes an appearance in the 2D horror fighting game Terrordome: Rise of the Boogeyman. His looks, movement, and fighting move list stay true to his movie persona. Myer’s house also makes an appearance as his home fighting stage. If you ever wanted to fight against popular horror movie characters, Terrordome is a fun free fan game that’s worth checking out!
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– Dead by Daylight (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
Dead By Daylight - Michael Myers
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– More Information About The Halloween Chapter in Dead by Daylight
Dead By Daylight is a murderer vs survivors online multiplayer survival game. There is one murderer on the hunt for 4 survivors. The Halloween chapter is available as DLC in Dead By Daylight. It includes a new playable survivor “Laurie Strode” the babysitter from the Halloween film, Michael Myers as the murderer, and a new map located in Halloween’s hometown of Haddonfield. Michael Myers is a decent DLC character with some good useful combat perks. For the Halloween chapter pack, it’s $7, which seems fair for what is offered.
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– Call Of Duty Ghosts (Multiple)
Call Of Duty Ghosts - Michael Myers DLC
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– More Information About Michael Myers In COD: Ghosts
Michael Myers makes a playable appearance in Call Of Duty Ghosts: Onslaught DLC. Play through the Fog level, yielding an Axe weapon and go on a terrorizing murder spree. Time with Michael is limited in COD: Ghosts, but it’s a fun experience.
– Gameplay Video

* More Video Games Based Off Of Horror Movie Characters *
– Freddy Krueger: A Nightmare On Elm Street
– Jason Voorhees: Friday The 13th
– Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
– Pennywise: It
– Jigsaw: Saw

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