A Look At IT: Pennywise Video Games

Pennywise is the evil clown antagonist from the popular horror “IT” movies. These days Pennywise is a popular horror character among kids. I am really surprised more official video games haven’t been released based on the 2017 “IT” movie or Pennywise. This article looks at all official and notable fan created Pennywise games released so far. When new games are released, this article will be updated.

3. Run away from IT: Pennywise 1 & 2 – Fan Game (Android)

#3 Run Away From It Pennywise
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Run Away From It: Pennywise 1 & 2 is an unofficial fan created image flip game. In each level, you will have to view a number of creepy images. Each time you see Pennywise in an image, switch to the next image as fast as you can, or Pennywise will make you float away. Trying to cheat the game and switching all pictures too fast will result in Pennywise getting to you. Overall this is a simple I spy-style game with a horror twist to it. Fans of the movies and kids will probably enjoy it.
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2. It: Escape From Pennywise VR (Android, IOS)

#2 It: Escape From Pennywise VR
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It: Escape From Pennywise VR takes advantage of the not so popular mobile VR technology. To play this game on Android or IOS mobile devices a VR headset is required. Google Cardboard VR headsets are cheap and provide good results, but there are better and more expensive VR headsets out there. This game plays out like an FMV interactive movie. You are trapped in Pennywise’s house, with no escape route in sight. The game feels like a VR movie tech demo, but you’re given choices to make along the way. Your choices will determine the outcome of the game. This is a very short game, but at least it’s memorable. During my first play through the game scared me a little. I think it’s worth the cheap admission price of $1, but don’t expect a full on lengthy VR experience.
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1. IT: Fan-Made Mini-Game (PC)

#1 It Fan-Made Mini-Game
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IT: Fan-Made Mini-Game is a first-person 3D survival horror game with simple puzzles. In this game, you’re trapped in Pennywise’s house. Finding keys, clues, and other items is necessary if you want to escape. You’ll have to solve mini puzzles correctly in each area before progressing. Failure in solving puzzles and making incorrect decisions will result in death with jump-scare moments. The jump scares caught me off guard a couple of times, the scares felt inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s games. Kids will probably enjoy this game more than adults. Overall this game is short, clocked in at around 15 minutes, but it’s worth a one time play through for some scares. Sadly this is the best It: Pennywise game available so far. I would love to see an official “It” game based on Pennywise released for PC or current generation game consoles.
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