Guest Posting Rules and Benefits

Guest Posting Rules You Need To Agree To!

– Gaming  Articles must be 100% uniquely written and add value to the internet.

– Everything written for Level Smack must be of decent to high quality standards. Your writing does not have to be professional. As long as it reads well, and has no spelling errors. Creative ideas and superior content is more important to us than professional writing.

– Gaming Articles submitted must be at least 700 words in length (1000 words or more is recommended).

– Gaming Articles need to have at least One or more supporting images (2 or more is recommended). Images must be 670x340px or larger. If you do not own the rights to the image you must leave a credit SOURCE  URL Link at the end of the article or below the image. Can’t find good images to use? We will provide images for your article.

– As Of right now we cover gaming for Playstation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC, Mobile, and classic gaming (All other older systems) categories. Be sure to write gaming articles that fit into any of those categories. Article categories are Gaming Top Lists, (Top 10’s, 15’s about anything video game related), Gaming Culture (Art, fun things related to gaming) Gaming Thoughts (Talk about what ever is on your mind, opinions, what would be cool, etc).

– Your published articles on Level Smack will not be deleted. They can be slightly edited though. Once posted, they are now property of You will receive full credit for all articles you post (See Guest Posting Benefits below for more info).

– Crap will never be posted. Try to make your articles good and filled with lots of useful content. Try your best xD.

Guest Posting Benefits

– Once your first article is published on level Smack. An author box will be created for you. With your name, picture and information about yourself. It will be shown at the bottom of each post you publish on Level Smack.

– With your Author Box You will be able to link all your Social Media profiles (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc) or website to your Author box in-case any readers want to follow you or see more of your work. Your author box will stay on each post you publish permanently forever. Ensuring you will receive 100% credit for the posts you create.

– Even if one article post is published from you. You will be added to our Team and Contributors page and be labeled as a contributor. Your Social media profiles and website will be added here also.

– 1 Link from your website or other Ad promotion is allowed at the end of your article (No Spammy Text and nothing rated R).

– By request we can disable our Ads that are placed inside your article.

– We want to build great relationships with anyone that contributes to Level Smack. We also want to help you. Just ask if there is anything extra we can help you with?

– If you have custom a request, just let us know!

Other Info About Guest Posting On Level Smack

– At the moment we do not pay for any guest posts, because honestly this website does not generate much revenue yet. Maybe in the future if Level Smack becomes profitable we will consider paying journalists for there work.

– You will have to submit your first few posts through email along with attached images and files. After a few of your posts have been published and you decide you want to write for Level Smack at least twice a month. We will create a Contributors login panel for you. This will allow you to write your post, upload images and publish it fast. Only contributors that post high quality content consistently will be awarded contributor login access. You will also be known as a “Team Contributor” instead of just a contributor.

If interested please Contact Us.