Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch HD Remasters

5 HD Remasters Nintendo Switch Needs

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The top 5 HD remasters dream list for the Nintendo Switch. So many awesome HD ports have already been released…
Overcooked For Nintendo Switch

Overcooked Is Coming To Switch On July 27th

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Overcooked Special Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch on July 27th (This Thursday!).  The Special edition includes The Lost Morsel and…
Figment Coming To Nintendo Switch

Indie Game Figment Announced For Switch

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Figment is a colorful action puzzler created by indie developer Bedtime Digital Games.  Previously it was announced for PS4 and…
Skyrim Gameplay On Nintendo Switch

First Switch Hands-On Gameplay Of Skyrim

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Today at Comic-Con IGN team members got there hands on Elder Scrolls Skyrim for Switch. They  played it in undocked…
Morphite PS4, Xbox One, Switch

Morphite Announced For PS4, Xbox One and Switch

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Australian Indie developer Blowfish Studios has announced there new ambitious exploration game Morphite will be coming to PS4, Xbox One…

Nintendo Switch Accessories Found At Goodwill lol

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Time to check your local Goodwill’s folks. Reddit user saltedcaramelmocha found a charging dock at Goodwill lol. It seems a…
Super Mario Odyssey 1980's comercial

Super Mario Odyssey 1980’s Style Commercial

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For all us 90’s and 80’s kids. This Super Mario odyssey commercial created by Youtuber Great-Bit Arcade will probably put…
Ubisoft games on Switch

More Switch Games To Be Annouced By Ubisoft

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Seems Ubisoft is giving a lot of love to Nintendo Switch. Today during an investors call Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot…
Splatoon 2 On Sale Early

Splatoon 2 Released Early At Some Stores

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Splatoon 2 is supposed to be released on July 21st world wide for Nintendo Switch. Reports are coming in that…
People standing in line for Nintendo Switch in Japan.

Nintendo Switch Madness In Japan Right Now

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The Nintendo Switch shortage in Japan is very real.  Last week Yodobashi Camera in Toyko revealed they were going to…
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