The Best Tank Video Games So Far

When we think of tanks in video games, we think of war based action, destruction, explosions, and most importantly fun. For many years the tank video games genre has been somewhat lacking. I’m happy this gaming generation has produced a great variety of battle tank games. You’ll find realistic offline and online simulators featuring real-life tanks. There is also a good amount of arcade-style and futuristic tank games to play. In this article, I list the best tank games released so far. When new worthy games are released this article will be updated.


World Of Tanks (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

#1 World Of Tanks
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If you’re looking for a competitive online game to play that’s all about tanks, World Of Tanks (WOT) is a good choice. WOT features a large variety of tanks to choose from, more than any other tank game. Tanks from WW1 to our current modern era are acquirable. WOT is a simulation game when it comes to graphics, tanks, and atmosphere. However, WOT’s gameplay is very arcadey and somewhat unrealistic. WOT’s arcade-style gameplay can be a good or bad thing if you’re looking to play an online tank game. I personally prefer World Of Tank’s simple unrealistic action, easy tank movement, and hit points for damage gameplay over its competitors (War Thunder).

Some gamers will prefer a more simulation-focused experience, so a game like War Thunder might be a better option for them. Overall World Of Tanks is free to play, easy to learn, full of content, and provides a realistic but arcadey online tank battle experience. Since it’s free to play be prepared to grind or pay a little into it at some point.
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War Thunder (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

#2 War Thunder
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War Thunder (WT) is by far the most realistic online battle tank game available. WT’s graphics are absolutely gorgeous and its destruction engine is very impressive. WT has over 300 real-life tanks to acquire from different countries. When it comes to gameplay, you can tell WT’s developers are focused more on realism and simulation than arcade fun. Each tank moves and sounds like there real-world counterparts, making tanks feel more realistic in WT. WT’s Tank damage is also very realistic. Each shot hit against an enemy tank is displayed in a small screen located in the top right corner. Instead of hit points and overall armor depletion, in WT it’s smart to aim at a tanks crew or critical parts to destroy it faster.

If for some reason you become bored of WT’s tank combat gameplay, you can always battle with airplanes in flight combat.  WT has a large variety of modes and gameplay options compared to its competitors.

Like World Of Tanks, War Thunder is free to play. I recommend giving both games a try before you commit to either one. Chances are if you enjoy realism, simulation, and a more complex learning curve, you’ll probably prefer War Thunder over World Of Tanks.

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Battlezone Gold Edition (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch)

#3 Battlezone Gold Edition
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Battlezone VR originally released exclusively for PlayStation VR. The updated Battlezone Gold Edition (BGE) has released for multiple gaming platforms and VR units. BGE isn’t realistic at all. BGE focuses on a futuristic atmosphere, slick cel-shaded graphics, short procedurally generated missions, and fast-paced arcade-style gameplay. BGE’s gameplay is really simple to learn, but the weapons you use, aim accuracy, and movement are important if you plan on beating this game. BGE  has a good amount of replay value because you’re able to take stronger weapons you’ve earned back to previous levels set on a harder difficulty. If you don’t feel like playing through the missions alone you can always gather up some friends because BGE also supports 4 player Co-Op online play.

For fans of the classic 1980 Battlezone arcade game, there’s a free DLC update that adds in the full arcade original with updated graphics and online leaderboards.

Overall I had a lot of fun with Battlezone Gold Edition. If you like futuristic arcade-style games, you have to check this game out.
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Steel Armor: Blaze of War (PC)

#4 Steel Armor Blaze Of War
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If you’re looking for a single-player tank battle simulator, Steel Armor: Blaze of War (SABOW) is among the best.  In SABOW you take control of tank units from the Soviet, Iranian, Iraqi or Angolan army. There aren’t missions to play through in SABOW.  Instead, you’re given a  large main operation with smaller tasks to complete for each army. You’ll be attacking enemy positions, defending your positions and bases, Occupying bases and battling against enemy tanks.

Graphically SABOW is really nice to look at.  The environments are a little bare though.  SABOW’s gameplay is more realistic than other tank games, so expect the tanks to move and aim slower than games like World Of Tanks or War Thunder. The controls can be overwhelming or even frustrating at first, they do require some practice.

Overall SABOW will only appeal to gamers that enjoy realism and simulation. I can see a lot of gamers becoming bored with this type of gameplay fast. If you can deal with the messy interface and learn the controls, SABOW is a real tank simulation gem based on the Cold War.

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Battlezone 98 Redux (PC)

#5 Battlezone 98 Redux
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Battlezone first released in 1998, and it was the best futuristic tank battle/strategy game ever. In 2016 publisher Rebellion released the remastered Battlezone 98 Redux (B98R) on Steam marketplace. The Redux version added in remastered graphics, online play, and unlimited MOD support. In B98R you can play through two different campaigns as American or Soviet forces. In total there are 29 missions to play through across different planets.

B98R’s gameplay is a mix of real-time strategy and a first-person shooter. You’ll be battling against other ground units for a good majority of the time, a big part of the game is building up your bases and setting down tactical defensive and offensive attack units. Both campaigns have great engaging stories, making you want to keep playing through the missions.

Overall Battlezone 98 Redux is a hidden gem that I feel is underappreciated. Sure the graphics are outdated and it was originally released almost 20 years ago. This game is unique though and still one of the most fun tanks I have ever played. If you love both first-person shooters and real-time strategy games don’t sleep on Battlezone 98 Redux.
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* Honorable Mentions *

The following games either barely missed our top list or are loosely related to tank games. These are the next set of games we recommend checking out.

Panzer Corps (PC)

#7 Panzer Corps
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Panzer Corps is a turn-based strategy tank game set on board-style maps. The game is full of content with over 800 attack units to acquire and 20 different unit classes. Panzer Corps is the highest rated tank game of its kind. I personally have a hard time getting into these sort of games. I do like turn-based board-style JRPG’s like the Disgaea series, Panzer Corps is much more complex than those games though. If you enjoy intelligent turn-based strategy games with steep learning curves, Panzer Corps is one of the better games in this genre.
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All Battlefield Games (PC, Multiple Consoles)

#9 Battlefield 1
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Every Battlefield game has tank gameplay in them. Whether you’re playing through certain areas of the singleplayer campaigns or battling online, tanks are available to control or fight against in Battlefield games.
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ShellShock Live (PC)

#6 Shellshock Live
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Shellshock Live is like the game Worms but with mini tanks. It’s most fun when playing against friends online. At the moment Shellshock Live is in early access, but already has over 200 upgradable weapons, 100 maps, and 80 single-player missions to play through. If you’re looking for some simple addictive PVP online battles shellshock Live is worth a look.
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Arma 3 (PC)

#10 Arma 3
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The Tanks in Arma 3 are realistic and fun to attack with. Before buying Arma 3 or its tanks DLC, I recommend doing a little research to see if you would enjoy its core gameplay.  Unfortunately, there is no demo available for this game.
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Armored Warfare (PC, PS4, Xbox One)

#8 Armored Warfare
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Armored Warfare is an online tank battle game, similar to World Of Tanks Or War Thunder. It’s not as good as either of those games, and the active player count continues to decline. It is an alternative though and still might be worth checking out.
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World of Tanks Blitz (PC, Android, IOS) – “Blitz” is The mobile version of World Of Tanks. It’s not as good, but for a mobile game, it’s pretty awesome.

War Machines (Android, IOS) – Another amazing free to play online tank battle game available for mobile devices.

Pocket Tanks (Android, IOS) – This is like Shellshock Live (See above in article) but for mobile devices.  It’s a good addicting game.

* Notable Retro Tank Games *

The best old-school tank games. If you don’t mind outdated graphics and gameplay you might want to check these out also.

Steel Beasts (PC) – This is still one of the most highly praised Single-player Battle Tank simulators. The graphics and gameplay are outdated, but back in the year 2000, this was really impressive.

Steel Fury Kharkov 1942 (PC) – Not too many gamers know about this one. It’s actually a pretty good single-player tank simulator. Unfortunately, it never received much attention or was advertised well.

Combat (Atari 2600) – Don’t let the extremely outdated graphics fool you, this is one of the best 2-player games for the Atari 2600. The way the tanks control and the maps are so fun to play on. Me and my brother used to have competitive battles against each other in this one.

Battlezone 1980 (Arcade) – The best 3D tank arcade game to ever release. Battle through levels destroying tanks and picking up power-ups. Try to gain the highest score possible. You can play this game using a PC MAME or Vector emulator.

BattleTanx: Global Assault (N64) – I remember this having a great campaign and being fun to play against another player via split-screen.

Tanarus – R.I.P (PC) – One of the online tank battle games me and my friends used to play in high school. I would love to see a remake for PS4 or even the upcoming PS5 :D.

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