Best Motorcycle & ATV Games On PS4 or Xbox One

This article covers the best motorcycle and ATV games available for PS4 or Xbox One so far. Covering sub-genres including simulation racing, arcade racing, dirt bike, and motocross games. This top list will be updated when new worthy games are released.

6. ATV Drift & Tricks (PS4 Exclusive)

#6 ATV Drift and Tricks
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If you are looking for a great arcade-style ATV racing game, packed with tons of easy performing air tricks. ATV Drift & Tricks is worth checking out. It kind of reminds me of the classic arcade ATV racers available on the PS2 and the Xbox 360, only with better graphics. There is 8 gameplay modes available, however League, time trial and quick race are the most fun to play. There is also 2 player split screen or online multiplayer. The online multiplayer is sadly pretty dead. Racing against a friend in split screen can be pretty fun though. I personally enjoyed the single player league mode the most. League mode starts off pretty easy but later tracks become much more challenging. The tracks are all pretty exciting and varied well, ranging from desert, Snow, forest, mountain, lake and canyon type environments. It also has a VR mode included for those who own a PSVR. I have never played the VR mode, but I heard it isn’t too good anyways.
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5. MotoGP 17

#5 MotoGP 17
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MotoGP 17 is a worthy motorcycle championship racing simulator based on the MotoGP championships. Every year in the United Kingdom it seems a new Moto GP game is released. Don’t worry though, this game will play on all PS4 and Xbox Ones in any region around the world. The game has tons of detailed customization options, such as audio, HUD and character creation. You can play as real pros from the MotoGP championships, complete with accurate stats and official motorcycles. The game tracks are all based on real-life MotoGP Championship tracks from around the world. There are 6 game modes available, including rider career, online multiplayer, Grand Prix, Championship, Time Attack, and Split Screen. Rider Career is the most fun mode which allows you to create a rider and play through the championship starting as a rookie. Surprisingly there is a lot of people playing this online, so that is also an option. The gameplay is very tight and simulation like knowing when to brake and accelerate is a must. Graphically MotoGP 17 looks pretty good, but it could be improved. The gameplay is also solid, but I would like to see the MotoGP series running on a new engine eventually. It seems like the same engine has been used since MotoGP 14, just more refined with every new version of the game.
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4. Monster Energy Supercross: The Official Videogame

#4 Monster Energy Supercross
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Monster Energy Supercross is a new racing franchise game and it’s surprisingly good. Graphically this is the best looking supercross game to come out so far. The career mode is packed with official supercross tracks and customizable bikes and riders. It even has legendary tracks that no longer exist today. The game features real-life pro riders, along with real sponsored gear. The bike handling is top notch, it’s very easy to learn but difficult to master. Many of the tracks will take some practice if you are new to these types of games. There is also an easy to use track editor if you feel like creating your own tracks. The online play works well with no issues or lag. Unfortunately, there is no local split-screen play, so playing with a friend on the same TV is a no go. Some of the physics can feel a bit automated (like tailwhips and crashes), but it’s not too bad. Overall this is a good Supercross game packed with a lot of content.
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3. MXGP 3: The Official Motocross Videogame

#3 MXGP 3
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MXGP 3 is a great Motocross game that feels like a cross between a simulation and arcade-style racing. The physics, graphics, and handling have been improved over previous MXGP games. There is also an impressive amount of customization options that can be applied to both riders and motorcycles in this version. Fans of motocross will love all the official tracks that are in MXGP 3, they pretty much have them all here. There are 7 playable game modes available, including Career, Online Multiplayer, Grand Prix, Championship, Time Attack, Compound, and Monster Energy FIM MXoN. The handling feels much looser and improved over previous versions of the game, which makes MXGP 3 more fun to play. If you feel like practicing, the compound mode tracks along with the rewind feature will help you become a better rider. If you played MXGP 2 you will notice the improvements and additions, but it’s not a major upgrade. MXGP 3 is worth playing especially if you have never played previous games in this series. I am hoping future games add higher difficulty levels, a hyped up announcer and even more customizable gear to unlock.
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2. Trials Fusion

#2 Trials Fusion
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Trials Fusion was a hard one to rank because it’s much different than any of the other games listed in this article. Trials Fusion is a 2D platforming motorcycle/ATV game, that requires precision controlling. In each series of tracks, the goal is to race through them as fast as you can, without crashing. Every time you crash, you will have to start the track over. Seems easy enough right? The curveball is that each track is full of crazy ramps, loops, huge mountain drop offs, flip backs and more. Keeping the track design entertaining and challenging. There is tons of addicting trial and error here, that never feels overly frustrating because of the realistic physics. If you mess up repeatedly on a track, it’s not the games fault, you just need to learn how to control and understand the physics of the game better. The track environments are also varied well with locations from around the world, along with different weather conditions. You can perform tricks off of jumps such as backflips for an added score, which is a nice little addition. Whenever you get tired or bored of the game you are currently playing, Trials Fusion is a fantastic side game to play in short bursts on the side.
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1. RIDE 2

#1 Ride 2
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Ride 2 is the best motorcycle racing simulation game available for PS4 and Xbox one so far. Starting out you might not like the way motorcycles handle in Ride 2, especially if you haven’t played many simulation racing games before. Once you spend a little time practicing and getting used to the controls, you will start to notice how immersive this game can be. Using the cockpit view is the way to play it, it feels so realistic and satisfying. The tracks, graphics, environments, sounds, motorcycles, and replays are all impressive and done well. There are over 170 bikes to choose from, along with full parts customization. You can even customize your riders lean style. The 30 real-life tracks to play on, 1,200 customizable parts and over 12 modes to play through should keep you occupied for some time. Online Multiplayer works well. In quick race mode, there is an optional split screen selection available in case you want to play with 2 players locally. Honestly, this feels like Forza or Gran Turismo but with motorcycles. It’s not as polished as either of those franchises yet, but it’s comparable. If you are craving a simulation moto racer, Ride 2 should be your #1 pick.
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* Honorable Mentions *

The following games either have better squeals available, barely missed our recommended top list, or are older Xbox 360 backward compatible on Xbox One games.

MXGP 1 & 2 – Not as good as MXGP 3, pretty much pointless owning these games if you already own MXGP 3.

Ride – A decent motorcycle sim, but its squeal Ride 2 is much better in every way. Might as well skip this and play Ride 2 instead.

MX vs. ATV Reflex (Xbox One Backwards Compatible) – This is an older Xbox 360 game. Many gamers still believe it’s the best Motocross/ATV game ever made. If you own an Xbox One, be sure to pick this one up ASAP. You can find it used for a very low price.

MX vs. ATV: Supercross Encore Edition – This is a good game but the content is limited and the graphics are a bit outdated.

TT Isle of Man: Ride On The Edge – A good motorcycle racing simulator, but the amount of content is very limited.

Moto Racer 4 – A decent arcadey motorcycle racing game. I am sure kids would enjoy this more than most adult gamers.

* Other Great Games With Motorcycles Or ATV’s In Them *

The following games are not labeled as motorcycle or ATV games. However, these games provide plenty of gameplay with motorcycles or ATVs. They are all worth checking out!

– Grand Theft Auto 5
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In GTA 5 you can buy or steal a large number of different motorcycles and ATV’s to ride around in.

– theHunter: Call Of The Wild
theHunter Call Of The Wild ATV
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When tracking down animals to hunt from far distances away, it’s always wise to use your trusty ATV in theHunter: Call Of The Wild to reach your destination faster.

– The Crew Wild Run Edition
The Crew Motorcycle
– See It On Amazon: PS4 | Xbox One
In The Crew, you can select motorcycles used to race, complete missions, and travel around in.

– Full Throttle Remastered (PS4 Exclusive)
Full Throttle Remastered
– See It On Amazon
Full Throttle is a classic point and click adventure based on a motorcycle gang theme.

– Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
Sleeping Dogs Motorcycle
– See It On Amazon: PS4 | Xbox One
Sleeping Dogs is a fun open world action-adventure game that has a good amount of motorcycles that can be used to travel around in.

– Lego City Undercover
Lego City Undercover Motorcycle
– See It On Amazon: PS4 | Xbox One
Lego City Undercover is an open world GTA style game (kids friendly of course) that has a nice variety of ATV’s and motorcycles to ride around in.

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