The Best DJ Video Games & VR Simulators So Far

Before PC VR headsets became popular the only DJ video games I could ever recommend was the fast-paced arcade style DJ Hero games. Now we are finally seeing some nice DJ simulators emerge. VR is the perfect platform for DJ simulators. I have compiled this short list featuring the best DJ video games and VR simulators released so far. If you have any relevant information to add please leave a comment!

Note: PC VR = PC Games that require HTC Vive or Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headsets.

4. Vinyl Reality (PC VR)

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Vinyl Reality is one of the better and more realistic VR DJ simulators out there. The two DJ turntables are modeled off of the high end professional SL-1200 series. The setup also includes a high end 2 channel mixer. This game supports all common audio files and playlists from ReKordbox. As soon as you upload, you’ll be ready to mix. This simulator performs exceptionally well emulating the real-life equipment almost perfectly. It’s still in early access and being actively updated, so expect further tweaks and options in the future.

Overall if you’re looking for a simulator that covers all the basics of a professional DJ setup, Vinyl Reality is worth checking out.

3. TribeXR DJ School (PC VR)

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I have a few reasons why I placed TibeXR DJ School above Vinyl Reality. Considering it’s a newer released simulator in early access, this project is more ambitious than any other VR DJ simulator. The DJ setup is more advanced and this simulator aims to teach you how to use the equipment. There is already a lot of tutorials included. Easy tutorials for beginners and more advanced tutorials for real-life amateur DJs. To get started just upload your music and get ready to mix.

If you have never touched DJ equipment before, TribeXR is by the best VR simulation tool to use.

2. DJ Hero (PS2, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360)

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I still prefer the classic DJ Hero games over VR simulators because they are loads of fun. If you don’t have much of interest in VR DJ simulators, but want to participate in a fast-paced unrealistic DJ experience, DJ Hero games are the way to go. If you like Guitar Hero or Rockband games you’ll feel right at home with DJ Hero. You’ll use a special DJ Hero Turntable controller featuring 3 colors and mixers. This game features real DJ’s such as DJ-Z-Trip, AM, Grandmaster Flash, Jazzy Jeff, Shadow, and more. With 102 licensed tracks there is a lot of music to mix to. 2 player gameplay is available but each player must follow the same mixes, which is a little disappointing.

Overall DJ Hero is not only a great DJ game but also a fantastic music game.

1. DJ Hero 2 (PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

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DJ Hero 2 includes all the features that made the original game great plus much more. The graphics and animations have been improved. The difficulty has been ramped up for advanced players. Freestyle scratches have been added to the music mixes making the gameplay even faster in moments and more exciting. 2 players can now play two different mixes at the same time. One of the coolest features that transforms DJ Hero 2 into a more social music game is the addition of the Microphone. Two players can jam out using the turntables and one can sing using the microphone. The soundtrack has many more mainstream pop songs compared to the original. I personally prefer the first games more authentic soundtrack but DJ Hero 2’s soundtrack isn’t bad at all.

I personally loved both DJ Hero games. Both are great for different reasons, but overall I enjoyed the second game more.

* Honorable Mentions *

The Following games either barely missed our top list or are similar to DJ Video games.

Electronauts VR (PC VR) – Not a VR DJ simulator, but a fantastic VR music maker. If I created a list about the best VR music makers, Electronauts would be among the top.

Cosmic DJ (PC) – A 2D DJ Hero-style game played using your keyboard. This is a fun little indie game that has a small price tag of only $3. It’s a steal at that price.

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