Best Disc Golf & Frisbee Video Games So Far

I believe Disk Golf is one of the most fun lawn sports ever created. It’s Especially fun if you have kids or friends to play with. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been too many video games based on Disc Golf or Frisbee. I would love to see more related stand-alone games released on modern game consoles (PS4, Xbox One, Switch). Recently I played almost every disc throwing video game in existence across all gaming platforms. This article covers the best Disc Golf and Frisbee video games released so far. As new worthy games are released, this article will be updated.

6. Disc Golf Game (Android, IOS)

#6 Disc Golf Game
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Disc Golf Game takes a little time to get used to. At first, I was frustrated at the game. After a few hours of practice, I got used to the controls and much better at it. I realized this is a pretty good Disc Golf simulator for mobile gamers. There are 4 full courses to play on, upgradable stats/gear and worldwide leaderboards. I love how the developer added real Frisbee disk golf brands in the game, making this feel more legit. I also like the gameplay physics, especially with long shots. The graphics are decent but could have been better. A more detailed character, environments, and shadows would have helped a lot. I wish there was online play, vs other players also. Besides the small negatives, Disc Golf game is worth playing if you don’t mind a solo experience.
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5. Stickman Disc Golf Battle (Android, IOS)

#5 Stickman Disc Golf Battle
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Stickman Disc Golf Battle is a great time killer, and I think it’s best Disc Golf game available on mobile devices. The real-time online player vs player battles are a lot of fun, and most of the time it’s easy to find players. The game has a nice tutorial and training mode that helped me out a lot. This game is free to play, with optionally paid micro-transactions for leveling up, upgraded items, new characters, and discs. However, everything can be earned in-game by just playing. Better items don’t always equal better players, so the game never feels too much like pay to win. There is so many courses to play at and character skins to choose from. Besides friend invites, leaderboards, and online play you can also enter tournaments for a chance to win big in-game money. If you don’t like touchscreen controllers, many popular Bluetooth controllers work well with Stickman Disc Golf Battle.
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4. Wii Sports Resort – Frisbee Golf (Wii)

#4 Wii Sports Resort Frisbee Golf
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Wii Sports Resort is a fantastic party game, that showcases the improved abilities of the Wii Motion Plus Controllers and attachments. There are 12 different sports games to play, with Frisbee Golf being one of them. Using the Wii motion controls is fun and accurate most of the time. It’s most fun when played locally with other players. The matches can get pretty intense and competitive at times. The number of courses is limited, but it’s still fun to play in short sessions when you have friends or family over. The rules are just like golf, but instead, you are trying to throw a Frisbee into a circle. The graphics haven’t aged too well, but they are tolerable. The physics are impressive, and it’s exciting when you throw a lucky long shot eagle. For long throwing play, no doubt this game has the best courses.
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3. Disc Jam (PC, PS4, Switch)

#3 Disc Jam
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Disc Jam tries to be the 3D successor to Windjammers. In some areas, I think it is better than Windjammers. Obviously, the graphics are better and the competitive online play is a nice addition and works well. Gameplay wise Disc Jam can be a lot of fun, once you understand how to play and how the scoring works. Becoming good at power throws and slide movements takes some practice. The back and forth action can become pretty intense, and the longer rallies stay alive the higher the point score will be. This scoring mechanic is good and bad because you or the opposing player can come back after only one long rally, making the long rallies even more intense. The courts do feel a bit large, I wish they were a little smaller. Smaller courts would make the arcade-style gameplay even more exciting! Besides the gameplay, there is a lot of character and disk customization options. There is also a lot of characters and disks you can unlock. Overall disk Jam is enjoyably played alone, online, or with some friends locally.
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2. Sports Champions – Disc Golf (PS3)

#2 Sports Champions Disc Golf
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Sports Champions features 6 different sports to play, including Disc Golf. In my opinion, this is the best Disc Golf simulation game so far. The graphics, gameplay, and physics are above everything else. To play Sports Champions, the game requires Playstation Move motion controls and camera. The motion controls work really well once you get used to them. The motion controls are a lot more accurate than Wii Sports Resort Frisbee Golf’s controls. It really feels like I am throwing an actual Frisbee in Sports Champions. Playing against the computer is a lot of fun, but it’s even better played with a friend. The size and amount of courses are a little limited, which is expected for a packed in compilation game. I really hope Sony decides to make a new Sports Champions game for PS4. They could use the camera along with Move Controls, and add in optional support for PSVR. Even better, why not create a full-fledged Disc Golf game. Built on an updated code, with more courses and online options, with better graphics and physics. So far there hasn’t been any new disc golf console games released this gaming generation. Hopefully, a new game will be announced soon.
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1. Windjammers (PS4, PS Vita, Arcade, Neo Geo)

#1 Windjammers
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Windjammers is a cross between an extreme style of Tennis, Pong, and Frisbee all rolled up into one. Windjammers was first released in Arcades back in 1994, it has been ported to a number of video game consoles, most recently PS4 and PS Vita. When looking at Windjammers for the first time, it looks like an outdated retro game that doesn’t fit into 2018’s gaming landscape. Once you start playing Windjammers vs the computer AI or against a friend, you might be shocked at how addicting the gameplay can be. The narrow courts, power throws, and tight sliding controls provide challenging back and forth action. The gameplay is simple, and controls are easy to learn but are hard to master. Timing and knowing how to move and throw correctly are the main components of Windjammers. There are 6 characters to choose from, all with there own stats. There is also a couple of neat bonus stages in-between matches. If you are looking for an addicting fast-paced Frisbee experience Windjammers should be your number one choice. I became addicted to the arcade version of this game back in the day, I am glad SNK decided to port this to the PS4.
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* Honorable Mentions *

The games that barely missed our top list. You might want to check these games out also!

Disc Golf Unchained (Android, IOS) – A lot of disc golf fans love this game because it’s realistic and does have decent graphics. I personally could not get the hang of the throwing controls. Sometimes good and bad throws felt a bit random. Consistency was hard for me. Maybe I am just bad at the game? If you are mobile gaming, this one is worth a try.

Frisbee Forever 1 & 2 (Android, IOS) – These are neat Frisbee toss and fly games. While controlling a flying Frisbee, try to fly through all hoops and shapes while collecting stars. Some of the later levels are very challenging. For casual gamers, these games might be worth checking out.

DiscStorm (PC) – A 4 player Co-Op disc throwing combat arena game. Play alone or with friends. Battle through levels taking out hordes of zombies and monsters by throwing deadly Frisbee’s at them. For a little top-down 2D game, this is pretty fun.

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10, Disc Golf Minigame (Wii) – I really didn’t like the disc golf in this game. The physics felt off, I thought the controls were bad and it got boring pretty fast. Despite my experience, I can see some gamers enjoying it.

VR Disc Golf (PC) – It’s a VR game and it’s not that good, but I can see some gamers liking it.

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