The Best Deep Sea Fishing Games So Far

Occasionally I feel like playing a good fishing video game, especially when I haven’t been outside fishing for a while. Yep, I love fishing in real life. My favorite type of fishing
is deep sea salt water. Sadly most of the fishing video games released so far focus on lakes and freshwater fishing. Because of the lack of games released, listing the best deep sea fishing games to play in 2019 is a challenging task. Even though this article is limited I feel these are the only sea fishing games worth playing. If you have any relevant or useful information to add please be sure to leave a comment.

4. Strike Pro Fishing (Arcade)

Strike Pro Fishing is available at my local Dave & Busters arcade. About a year ago me and my kids had a lot of fun playing this. Catching the biggest fish in the time limit will give you the most redemption tickets. The game is very simple in design, with only one fishing location. However, I noticed a lot of different sea fish species are in this game. From small snapper to giant Marlin. Of course small fish are easy to bring in while bigger fish require you to watch your line tension meter. Using the built-in fishing rod felt realistic enough. Unfortunately, the only way to play this game is at an arcade. I doubt this will ever be ported to PS4 or Xbox One, but I can see this game working great on mobile devices.

3. Sega Marine Fishing (Arcade, Dreamcast, PC)

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To this day Sega Marine Fishing is still the best fast action arcade style fishing game ever created. When I was 12 years old I played this game a lot on the SEGA Dreamcast console. The Dreamcast fishing rod controller made the virtual fishing experience even more fun. There is 3 different fishing locations to choose from along with a hidden “big fish” location known as the “Hideaway. I like this game because of the crazy immersive rock music, difficulty, and the varied species of fish to catch. You’ll catch everything from Barracuda to Tuna, Giant Trevally, Tarpon, and even Mako Sharks and Stingrays. If you don’t own a Dreamcast, the PC version is also great and playing an emulated Dreamcast version is also an option.

2. Fishing Barents Sea (PC)

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If you ever wanted to manage your own commercial sea fishing boat, Fishing Barents Sea is a great fishing simulator to play. This game has a steep learning curve so I would only recommend it to those that have a little patience or have experience with simulator style games. There is so many different boats and ships to unlock and upgrade.  Smaller boats are better for trolling and bait fishing. While ships are the way to go for large scale baited fishnets. You’ll start small with a limited budget and a sluggish small boat. As you progress you’ll be able to afford much larger and better boats and be able to fish harsher weather more comfortably.

Overall Fishing Barents Sea is the best commercial sea fishing simulator available.


1. Ultimate Fishing Simulator (PC)

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Ultimate Fishing Simulator gained popularity quickly on Steam because of consistent updates and great additions. This is by far the most beautiful and realistic looking fishing game I have ever played. Graphics aren’t everything though, but luckily the simulation gameplay is just as good.  Right now Ultimate Fishing Simulator is primarily a freshwater fishing game. When it comes to freshwater it is very large in scope, with many locations and fishing styles.

There is an ocean area that allows surf, dock and deep sea fishing in a boat. The area size is large and there are many different fishing species to catch such as Snapper, Greater Amberjack, Mahi-Mahi, Rooster Fish, Marlin and more. Ultimate Fishing Simulator is already a great deep sea fishing experience, but the developers have promised much more in the future. With even more sea fish species and ocean locations.


* Honorable Mentions *

Good Sea fishing games worth playing on mobile devices. Also classic sea fishing games!

Android & IOS Mobile Fishing Games – I have played a few good sea fishing games on my android phone.  The best of what I have played so far are Ace Fishing: Wild Catch and Monster Fishing 2019.

Blue Marlin (NES) – Was this the first deep sea fishing game ever created? Blue Marlin is a great classic available for the orginal Nintendo.

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