Best Cheap Xbox One Wired Controllers

Among most Xbox One gamers wired controllers are not the preferred controller choice. There are some benefits to using wired controllers over wireless though. The main benefit is wired controllers don’t require any batteries or charging time. Generic wired controllers are also cheaper priced than wireless controllers. Buying wired controllers makes more sense if you’re on a budget. In this article, I look at the best cheap Xbox One wired controllers currently available.

3. PDP Afterglow Prismatic Wired Controller

– Price: $30+
#2 PDP Afterglow Prismatic Xbox One Wired Controller
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If you’re looking for comfort and style the PDP Afterglow wired controller is a good choice. One of the Afterglow’s neatest features is its LED lighting. You can set the LED light to 8 different colors. Afterglow is definitely one of the most attractive controllers I have ever seen. Afterglow has a comfortable design that’s similar to the official Xbox One wireless controller.  The controllers plastic is cheaply made, so try not to drop it on the floor.

My biggest issue with Afterglow controllers is they tend to break after several months of use. The triggers and left thumbsticks have broken on me. This is just my experience though.  I probably overplayed these controllers and didn’t treat them right. If end up buying an Afterglow be sure to take extra care of it. The build quality is lacking a little.

2. PowerA Wired Controller

– Price: $20 or Less
#2 PowerA Xbox One Wired Controller
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The PowerA is the cheapest priced wired controller on this list. Don’t let the price fool you though, this controller is high quality. There are no fancy additions with the PowerA. It’s just a well made, long-lasting wired controller with a sturdy compact design. The PowerA is not as comfortable as the official wireless controller, but it feels good enough. The only real issues with the PowerA is the triggers and the dual rumble motors. The triggers feel a little awkward, but I’m sure most gamers won’t complain about it. The rumbles are also a little less impactful compared to the official controller.

1. AmazonBasics Wired Controller

– Price: $25 or Less
#1 AmazonBasics Xbox One Wired Controller
– See It On Amazon
The AmazonBasics design and quality is really similar to the PowerA controller. I prefer the AmazonBasics controller over the PowerA for a few reasons though. The AmazonBasics controller has slightly better triggers and its rumble motors are stronger. When it comes to quality I trust the AmazonBasics brand over PowerA even though they both feel well made. Out of the small amount of quality budget priced wired controllers available for Xbox One, the AmazonBasics controller is definitely the best.

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