7 Best Megaman Rom Hacks So Far

There currently is hundreds of fan created Mega Man rom hacks available online. I have played over 30 of the most popular hacks based off of Rockman (Japanese versions), Megaman, 2, 4 and X. Honestly most are not that great, you would be better off playing official Capcom Mega Man games for the most part. However, a few in the bunch were high quality or had enough uniqueness to them to keep me playing. The list below showcases the best Megaman rom hacks that I recommend playing. If you feel I have missed some great hacks, please comment below!

7. Mega Man X: Generation

#7 Megman X Generation
Mega Man X: Generation is basically a completely newly designed game based off of X. With new levels, Graphics, and music. The bosses remain the same, but these new levels are very fun to play through if you are a fan of the original game. Overall this one is not too unique but provides more if you loved X. I guess just think of it as a good DLC for Mega Man X, lol.
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6. Megaman In The Mushroom Kingdom

#6 Megman In The Mushroom Kingdom
If you love Super Mario and Megaman you will love this crazy crossover. Megaman In the mushroom Kingdom features levels, enemies and bosses from Super Mario Bros, 2, 3, and World. The levels are all impressive and the design stays true to the Super Mario Bros series throughout the hack. It’s pretty awesome climbing up and down vines and shooting Goombas with your laser cannon. Also, Megaman can jump a little higher in this one! It’s one to fun play through, but for most hardcore Megaman players the challenge will be lacking.
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5. Rockman Deus Ex Machina

#5 Rockman Deus Ex Machina
If you want to play a hack based off of Megaman 2 that is very technical, hyperactive and has amazing enemy and boss AI, Deus Ex Machina is the hack to play. The level design is unique and holds a great flow. The music is interesting, with a music mix from other classic games like Final Fantasy 5,6, Chrono Trigger, Rockman 7 and more. If you want a challenge and something fast-paced give Deus Ex Machina a go.
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4. Mega Man CX

#4 Megman CX
Mega Man CX is based on Megaman 2, it is a crazy hack with a lot of fun random levels and bosses such as Super Mario, Bomberman, and Woodley from Kirby. Some of the other bosses are silly and not so appealing. Where this game shines the most is the level design and how everything flows well. The music also has been tweaked and changed. It’s not too insanely hard either but provides a good challenge.
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3. Rockman 4: Burst Chaser x Air Sliding

#3 Rockman 4 Burst Chaser X Air Sliding
A completely redesigned Megaman 4 hack that enhances and exaggerates two elements. You can now slide through the air when jumping. You can also jump faster and further than ever before. These two elements make the gameplay very different and fun. The levels are new and designed well, fitting the gameplay style. You will also notice the enemy AI has improved overall. The new music is pretty good also, but the biggest stand out here is the gameplay tweaks implemented that make this a very addicting experience.
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2. Rockman No Constancy

#2 Rockman No Constancy
Rockman No Constancy is one of the most solid Megaman rom hacks from a quality and difficulty standpoint. Everything from the new levels, music, sounds, graphics, weapons and altered enemies and bosses feel high quality. This is a very challenging hack, but not impossible. There are two versions of this game, I recommend staying away from the Hard mode version lol. The regular version is difficult enough (at least for me), The hard version is nearly impossible, although a couple of players on Youtube make it look easy.
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1. Rockman 4 Minus Infinity

#1 Rockman Minus Infinity
This is by far the best Megaman 4 rom hack and my personal favorite. I actually like it better than Megaman 4! The music goes with the pace of the game so well. Along with improved levels, enemies, bosses, and weapons. You probably won’t want to put it down once you start playing. The levels are a crazy mix of areas from past Megaman games. Bosses are hidden throughout areas of Minus Infinity which adds a very surprising feel to the gameplay. This is one of those games that you will probably want to play again and again, because everything is fun, challenging and varied well.
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