12 Best PS4 Strategy Games So Far

If you are struggling to find a good strategy game for the PlayStation 4, hopefully, this top list will help you out. There is a nice mix of strategy game genres on the PS4, like Turn Based Strategy (TBS), Real Time Strategy (RTS), Tower Defense (TD), and Construction and Management Simulations. All of the games featured in this top list are worth checking out and are ranked from worst to best. There is also an honorable mentions list near the bottom of this article if you are looking for even more worthy strategy games on PS4.

12. Tropico 5

#12 Tropico 5
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Tropico 5 is a pretty good management simulation game, with a steep learning curve. You are El Presidente and will take control of an island known as Tropico. Build structures, manage money, hire workers, create jobs, defend Tropico, and most important of all make a profit. Starting with almost no resources, complete a variety of ongoing tasks that become more challenging the further you progress in the game. Hopefully, you will eventually become a superpower and expand your island to the max. To be honest, the first time I played this series, I got stuck on a few tasks for a few hours, not knowing what to do exactly. Once you get the hang of the tasks system, making a profit, and building mechanics, Tropico can be very addicting. The PS4 does a pretty good job with the controller set up, but it’s much slower compared to a PC when using hotkeys on a keyboard. I wish Tropico 5 had a better and easier tutorial because many gamers new to this strategy genre will be lost and end up potentially quieting before they find out what this game is all about.
Helpful Note: Be sure to turn off Natural Disasters in the game settings, they are annoying and might ruin your experience.
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11. Invisible Inc

Invisible Inc
Stealth and Speed is the heart of this turn-based strategy game. Play through a variety of well crafted randomized missions that require you to recover your objective, be sneaky, recover items and defeat enemies. In many missions, you have a choice on what type of play style you want to implement. Maybe you want to be 100% stealth and not mess with any enemies, or maybe you want to lethally knock out enemies and hack security cameras! It’s up to you. Even though I wish there was more content here, for how simple it is the gameplay is executed almost perfectly. The story is pretty basic with reading mostly text from different characters. It’s a good game, just don’t expect a mind-blowing experience.
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10. Prison Architect

#11 Prison Architect
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Don’t let the basic 2D graphics fool you, Prison architect is a very addicting simulation game, where you manage and construct a high-end maximum security prison. The amount of options at your disposal is staggering. So many things to manage, to do and build. Put your planning skills to the test, if you fail just try again. Like most management simulations your #1 goal is to always make money. You can really tell the developers tried to think outside the box in this one, the micromanagement feels unique in a lot of ways. Some of the inmates are crazy lol, the situations you encounter involving them can be stressful and sometimes humorous. Even though the graphics and menu can feel distracting at times, this is one of the better tycoon style games to come out recently from a gameplay, personality, and content point of view.
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9. X-Morph Defense

#10 X-Morph Defense
X-Morph Defense is a hidden gem that many gamers don’t know about. It’s a fantastic one of a kind Tower Defense/ Shoot Em Up hybrid. Surprisingly it is balanced well between the two genres, making for a challenging and addicting experience. On top of that, the upgrades for your aircraft and defense towers are awesome. The amount of action and explosions on screen is very satisfying, with bright and beautiful graphics as a nice bonus. Planning and upgrading are crucial for your success. At heart its a great Tower Defense game where you build weapon towers and lead your enemies through a maze of destruction. Being able to control and shoot with your aircraft is the icing on the cake though.
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8. Cities Skylines

#9 Cities Skylines
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If you are looking for a great city builder simulation, look no further than Cities Skylines. The maps and building capabilities of this sandbox game are massive. You are a mayor of this city, you will have to pick a piece of land you want to build on. Your main goals are to increase your cities population, expand it, and thrive financially. Keep the population up by expanding and keeping people in your city happy. Industrial areas will help substantially with financial investments and jobs usually, while residential areas are a great way to increase your cities population. Like all large cities, problems will arise where firemen, police and other city paid workers will be needed. The tutorials are very easy to follow and will help you along the way. You might fail a few times, but every time you do you will learn more about the different aspects of building your city, which will help you make necessary changes in your next playthrough. Hopefully, after playing for a while, you will learn how to create a safe city that flourishes perfectly in every way.
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7. SteamWorld HEIST

#8 Steamworld Heist
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SteamWorld Heist is an addicting 2D turn-based strategy game, where you play as a team of robotic pirates out to loot enemy spaceships. The turn-based shoot and hit gameplay starts out simple, however in later areas planning out strategic combat against enemies is a must. There is so many ways to approach combat situations, along with different weapons to use. Your team of robots unique abilities, clothing and weapons can all be upgraded. If you’re looking for something different to play in the genre this is a great choice.
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6. The Banner Saga 1 & 2

#7 The Banner Saga 1 & 2
The Banner Saga 1 & 2 are both fantastic turn-based strategy RPG’s that feature a Viking theme. The amount of different choices you make, adds a lot of replayability to this series because of so many aspects of the story and gameplay change. I personally enjoyed the story of both games, but the first game was superior in the storytelling area. As for gameplay and combat, Banner Saga 2 is better, cleaner and has more to offer. The battles are addictive and the story heats it up nicely at times. Learning how to play can be a little difficult at first, but once you learn the system you probably won’t want to put it down.
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5. Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence

#6 Nobunagas Ambition Sphere of Influence
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A Japanese historical simulation game. Nobunaga’s Ambition is based on the conquest and domination of rival territories across ancient Japan in the Sengoku era. You start the game by choosing different clans to play as. Starting with low resources, try to conquer smaller territories at first. As you grow larger, stronger and more wealthy, go after larger targets. The top-down graphics are not that great, but the addicting action-packed gameplay, voice acting, soundtrack and story cutscenes make up for it. This game suits a PC’s keyboard and mouse much better, but controls feel decent enough on PS4. Its a very deep niche strategy game overall and probably won’t appeal to everyone, or maybe gamers rarely give these sort of strategy games a try. I enjoyed it and think it’s one of PS4’s hidden strategy gems.
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4. Valkyria Chronicles Remastered

#4 Valkyria Chronicles Remastered
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Valkyria Chronicles is a strategy JRPG originally released for the PS3 and now re-released on the PS4 as an HD remaster. The turn-based strategic war battle gameplay is fun and challenging. A great mix of turn-based action with a touch of a third-person shooter. Figuring out the best ways to approach enemies or what attacks you should use always keeps the excitement high. You will find out that selecting the right troops for certain missions is very important. It does take some time to become a master playing Valkyria, but after some trial and error, you will learn how to make better decisions in combat. The characters and story are even more impressive, I was captivated by every scene of this adventure. If you are a fan of Strategy games or RPG’s this is a must buy.
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3. Disgaea 5: Alliance Of Vengeance

#3 Disgaea 5
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I have to admit I am a huge Disgaea 5 fan, so I might be a little positive bias whenever I mention it. All fanboyism aside, Disgaea 5 is a fantastic turn-based strategy JRPG. The combat takes place on square board type maps. The strategy comes in when trying to figure out the best ways to defeat enemies. Some maps you will have to throw objects or stack Comrades to reach enemies. How far you can move, throw an attack is based on individual characters and what level they are currently at. Characters all hold amazing magic special attacks or healing, which are needed in certain situations. There are just so many variations to the combat in Disgaea and ways to defend against enemies, that strategy is a very strong influence on the overall gameplay. Like most RPG’s characters can be leveled up, along with weapons and items. The humor and characters are very off the wall and goofy in a dark way xD. The characters might not be for everyone, to me, this is one of the funniest and charming game series I have ever played. It’s a huge game and if you are trying to level up to 9999 or want to unlock the best weapons you will likely be playing it for years!
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2. Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun

#2 Shadow Tactics Blades Of The Shogun
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Shadow Tactics is an amazing Samurai stealth strategy game, that kind of reminds me of a classic called Commandos 2. The setting takes place in the Eco-Era of Japan. Most of the time you will control five different characters through missions. Each has unique abilities to learn well and master. Knowing a lot about how each of your characters performs in certain combat situations is probably your strongest weapon in Shadow Tactics. Some of the later levels are very advanced and will require you to plan your steps way ahead, whether you want to take the complete stealth route or a more combative route. The theme and combat are executed very well even though some later levels feel a bit overwhelming because of there large size. This is a must own on PS4, especially for those that want some stealth action.
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1. XCOM 2

#1 XCOM 2 War Of The Chosen
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XCOM 2 and War of the Chosen DLC are by far the best Turn-based Strategy experiences on the PS4 so far. You are on a quest to battle against aliens that are trying to take over the planet. Choose from 4 to 6 squad members when engaging into battle. If you like certain characters a lot be sure to keep them alive or if they die, they will be killed off. The battles are very challenging and may require some planning ahead. The game never feels unfair though. There are so many ways to complete battle missions, but sometimes it takes some trial and error to learn how to conquer them. For me that’s where the addiction comes in, getting better and having a sense of accomplishment after destroying these aliens. The War of the Chosen DLC is even better, with a lot of fixes and additions to the already fantastic gameplay. This is a must buy for anyone interested or already in love with the strategy genre, just don’t expect XCOM 2 to hold your hand at all!
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* Honorable Mentions *

The majority of following games barely missed our top list, or might not be considered strategy games fully, but share elements of the genre!

Sudden Strike 4This is a good world war 2 RTS game. Probably the closest thing we will see to Command and Conquer for a while on the PS4. The controls and gameplay are not perfect on PS4, but it’s worth playing if you are craving RTS action.
Hasbro Family PackThis pack includes four video board games including MONOPOLY Plus, RISK, TRIVIAL PURSUIT Live, and SCRABBLE. Risk and Monopoly definitely require a lot of strategies if you want to always win :D.
Orcs Must Die! Unchained – This is a high quality Free to play 3D Tower Defense game, that’s not Pay to win! Battle against orcs by setting traps and attacking them with weapons.
Tooth and Tail – Nice imaginative RTS with tons of great ideas. A great game for beginners who want to learn how to play RTS games.
Dynasty Warriors: Godseekers A Dynasty Warriors Spin-off tactics style combat RPG game. A lot of fun with some awkward level design and repetitive combat that might dull down the experience once you reach later levels.
CastleStorm: Definitive Edition A fun 2D RTS with tons of action. Send out ground troops to battle against enemies while shooting cannon blasts at enemy castles.
Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition If this was considered to be a full-on Strategy game I would have added it to the top list because it’s a fantastic tactical RPG. However many battles often require some strategic thinking and planning before entering them.
Defense Grid 2 – A action-packed 3D Space themed Tower Defense game.
Grand Kingdom A neat JRPG that shares a mix of different genres in it. I guess it’s more of a tactical RPG, but it has a lot of strategy sort of elements also.
Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-a-Fide Edition – A simple but fun fast paced cartoony Samurai RTS game with tons of depth.
Bloons TD 5 – It’s Monkeys vs threatening Balloons in all-out Tower Defense action. Boons TD 5 is one of the best Flash TD games ever made, I am glad it has been ported to PS4.
Birthdays The Beginning Expand and bring all kinds of life forms to this world in this fun tycoon style game.

Do you know of any other good Strategy games that I failed to mention for the PS4? Please let me know in the comments below

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