12 Best PS4 2D Platform Games So Far

There are tons of amazing 2D Platform Games on the PlayStation 4. I decided to create this top list because I have loved this genre since the early 1990’s. Back then I was burning up Super Mario Bros 3 on the NES, and Sonic The Hedgehog 2 on the Sega Genesis. Now there is such a large variety of platformers being made by mainstream and indie developers, it’s hard to keep track of them all. I have sifted through most of the titles and only added the best to this top list, along with honorable mentions. I will update this list when new quality 2D platformers are released on the PS4.
NOTE: I have included 2.5D (2D/3D) platform games in this list also.

12. N++

#12 N ++
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N++ is a fast-paced, avoidance platformer with tons of action. Play as an acrobatic Ninja that runs, jumps and slides. The object of the game is to make it through all 2,630 survival room style levels. Collect yellow squares for extra time and always avoid enemies, rockets and any other objects flying at you. The exit doors are always in sight, switches might have to be hit to unlock them. Overall N++ provides a lot of addicting quick and challenging levels for you to conquer.

11. Axiom Verge

#11 Axiom Verge
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Axiom Verge is an amazing retro style Sci-Fi Metroidvania, that was created by one developer named Tom Happ. Play as a scientist who died in an accident, and woke up in a mysterious alien world. Anyone that’s a fan of 2D Metroid games needs to pick up Axiom Verge ASAP and those who are not, probably won’t enjoy this game. The retro graphics and the large 2D open world is not for everyone, but it’s still very impressive. What I liked best about Axiom were the weapons and bosses. There is a large variety of awesome weapons scattered across the map in secret places. The bosses are challenging and all have cool designs and fit right into the alien theme. Overall if you feel like running around, exploring a huge map and blasting aliens give this one a go.

10. Trine 2: Complete Story

#9 Trine 2 Complete Story
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Trine 2 is a fairy-tale puzzle platformer where you play as 3 different heroes, Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight and Zoya the Thief. They all harness there own special magical abilities that will help you along on your quest when solving puzzles. The heroes can be swapped in and out at any time, which is a necessity to do so in certain parts of levels. The colorful living atmosphere and an abundant amount of fun and challenging puzzles are the two major standouts in Trine 2. Playing Co-Op with a friend is a nice addition also. A great one if you are looking for a mix of traditional platforming and puzzle solving.

9. Unravel

#8 Unravel
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Unravel is a beautiful puzzle platformer about a character made entirely out of yarn, on a quest to uncover lost memories of life or love. Play through levels using your bodies yard as your main tool to solve puzzles and get around to certain areas. Be sure to conserve your yarn though, as it only fills up when you reach checkpoints. The levels and gameplay are very clever, imaginative and feel like a piece of gaming art. I kept playing because I enjoyed the puzzles, and wanted to see what was around the next corner.

8. Freedom Planet

#10 Freedom Planet
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I was very surprised when I found out Freedom Planet was released for the PS4, after playing the PC version for a few years. It’s sad that zero advertisements and promotions were invested in the PS4 release because this is such a great platformer that many PS4 gamers don’t know about. If you liked the classic Sonic The Hedgehog games on the SEGA Genesis you will love Freedom Planet. The characters are cool, the gameplay is more refined and expanded upon compared to classic Sonic Games. The cutscene story segments are corny, but fun to watch. Best of all the gameplay is so much fun, especially the epic boss fights and character attacks. Each character has there own unique moves that serve the gameplay well. In conclusion, Freedom Planet is a nice throwback to classic Sonic games with its own style, and it’s worth checking out.

7. Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

#7 Guacameleee
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Guacamelee! is an awesome traditional Mexican themed, butt-kicking Metroidvania platformer. Play as a Wrestler named Juan who is on a quest to save the presidents daughter from the evil Carlos Calaca. Alternate through the worlds of the living and the dead while beating up bad guys in your way. The platforming is challenging and fun. Jumping from wall to wall and avoiding spikes happens often. The combat system has great progression throughout the game. Upgrades for your attacks and platforming abilities are awesome. The fighting, mixed with platforming and an original theme makes Guacamelee a stand out game.

6. Little Big Planet 3

#6 Little Big Planet 3
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Little Big Planet 3’s single player campaign is probably the worst in the series. I still enjoyed the campaign, but I agree it wasn’t fun playing through some of the harder levels. The single player campaign was not very Co-Op friendly in some areas. The glitchy, laggy menus still have not been patched.  Little Big Planet 3 shines the most through its community made levels, characters, and level creation tools. You can find levels about almost any theme. The recommended and most hearted are always the best levels to play usually and there are hundreds of them. Some of the community levels are wacky and fun, while others are high quality and pack in some serious platforming. If you have kids in the house or friends to play with, I would highly recommend LBP3.

5. Sonic Mania

#5 Sonic Mania
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Sonic Mania is simply the best Sonic game since the SEGA Genesis days (Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, Heroes and Colors were good too :D). I think Sonic Mania is better than the classics because of the slightly tweaked gameplay, new bonus stages, and improved level design. The graphics now run at 1080P and the pixel art has been improved, but the formula remains untouched. It’s a blast to play and will put a smile on any long time Sonic fans face. What are you waiting for? Gotta Go fast!!! and Collect rings, blast your way through bad guys and defeat the evil Dr.Robotnik again and again.

4. Steamworld Dig 1 & 2

#4 SteamWorld Dig 2
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Dig deep in a quest to find riches and treasures, while encountering enemies that are trying to stop you, in this unique platformer. I decided to include Steamworld Dig 1 and 2 together because they are very similar to each other and both are great games. Steamworld Dig 2 has better puzzles and stronger RPG elements out of the two. There are so many useful upgrades and mods to unlock, that it’s hard not to get addicted to Steamworld Digs gameplay. Digging for loot and coming back up before your light runs out is a smart strategy because if you die, you will lose all your loot. Must play if you love upgrades and don’t mind a lot digging and collecting in your platformers.

3. Shantae: Half-Genie Hero

#3 Shantae Half Genie Hero
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Shantae: Half-Genie Hero plays like a traditional platformer. Play as Shantae a cute hair whipping Genie. Play through a variety of levels, while helping out people, purchasing new upgrades, finding secrets and unlocking new magical animal transformations. Every animal has there own special abilities. There are areas in each level that require certain animals abilities to advance. The characters are fun and the story is brief but pretty good. I really love the colorful cel-shaded graphics. Shantae is a well done traditional platformer with tons of new age twists.

2. Shovel Knight

#2 Shovel Knight
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The best 8-Bit style retro platformer ever created. Shovel Knight is on a quest to defeat the evil Enchantress and find his lost beloved. Play as a knight, who wields a shovel blade. The Shovel Blade as used as your weapon, strike or bounce on enemies to defeat them. Shovel Knights gameplay, level design, secrets, music, characters, enemies are all untouchable compared to any other in the retro platforming genre. Shovel Knight takes gameplay inspiration from a lot of classic platformers, such as Megaman, Duck Tales, and Ninja Gaiden. One of the best platformers to come out in years, I highly recommend it to anyone.

1. Rayman Legends

#1 Rayman Legends
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I am pretty sure you heard of Rayman Legends! One of best Co-Op 2D platformers ever created. Originally a Wii U exclusive, Rayman Legends has been ported to every current and last gen video game console. That’s how good this game is, it just keeps on selling, and being ported. The graphics are so clean, colorful and pleasing to the eye. The speed and frantic reflexes required to defeat levels are engaging. Playing with friends or family is a blast. If you get hit you will change into a bubble. Another player can pop your bubble to revive you. My personal favorite levels are the music levels, it’s so fun jumping to the rhythm and beats. The boss fights are challenging, but not too bad. The gameplay usually keeps going at a great pace unless you encounter more difficult areas. Collect golden Beatles in each level to unlock new levels. Collect golden fairies to unlock new characters. Also, scratcher tickets can be earned and used to unlock the best Rayman Origins game levels. Overall Rayman Legends is jam-packed full of content, a great Co-Op experience and a must own for any ps4 platform gamer.

* Honorable Mentions *

The 2D platform games listed below, either barely missed our top list or are too close to the Puzzle, RPG, Action or RogueLike video game genres. You should check these great games out also if you want to dig deeper into 2D platformers on the PS4!

Super Meat Boy – Play as a square cube of meat on a quest to save his girlfriend. Over 300 challenging levels to play through, hard bosses to fight and cool secrets to find.

Electronic Super Joy – This game will put your platforming skills to the test. Play through over 50 fast-paced levels, where you will encounter low-gravity, monsters, lock on missiles and more.

SpeedRunners – An online multiplayer speed running and jumping platformer. Many cool characters to select from and maps to race at. Stay in the lead to keep on running and achieve first place.

Inside / LIMBO Double Pack –  Two Strange and mysterious puzzle platformers. Limbo and Inside will keep you on your toes all the way through. These games are short, but are well worth a play through, especially if you enjoy bizarre atmospheres.

Broforce – Fighting in a war with fellow Bro’s has never been so awesome. Play as a large variety of Bro’s, all with unique weapons. Blast your way through levels, blowing up everything in your path. Funner to play couch Co-Op with a Bro!

Oddworld New ‘n’ Tasty – A complete remaster of the classic Oddworld Abe’s Odyssey from the original PlayStation. Go through levels solving puzzles and saving fellow slaves.

Salt and Sanctuary – An amazing 2D Dark Souls like RPG platformer.  If you don’t like dying a lot, don’t play this.

Klaus – A office worker awakes in a basement not knowing who he is, or why he’s there. One thing is for certain though, he must Escape this evil office space.

Cursed Castilla EX – A great retro style platformer inspired by Ghosts ‘n Goblins.

Splasher – A fun little cartoony platformer. Armed with a water gun, go on a journey through levels that require agility, speed, and fast reflexes.

Shadow Complex Remastered – An awesome action packed Metroidvania with tons of explosions and firepower. Seems like it has a little Gears Of War mixed in it!

Deadlight – In a world that has ended, the only way to live is to survive. Play as Randall Wayne, a man who is trying to find his family in a broken world.

The Swapper – A fantastic puzzle-filled platformer with an eerie space station theme and a bizarre story.

Giana Sisters – Swap between two sisters and two different worlds at any time, in this traditional platformer. One sister controls the lightness, while the other controls the darkness. Utilize both sisters to pass levels and try to collect all the gems.

Sound Shapes – A relaxing music themed platformer, where you play as a ball. Locate all the beats and pass levels. If the main campaign becomes boring you can always play the community made levels.

Caveman Warriors – A Fun Co-Op platformer that takes place in the caveman era. smash dinos, and try to save mankind.

1001 Spikes – A punishing game full of spikes with 1001 lives given to beat it.

Spelunky – A Roguelike Platformer where you use bombs to blow up gravel, collect gold, upgrade your weapons and defeat bad guys. If you die, you will have to start all over. Hopefully, you will learn from your mistakes, to avoid death.

Child of Light – A role-playing adventure platformer with a great art style and fun battle system.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap – A worthy reboot of the Classic Wonder Boy game.

Rogue Legacy – A Metroidvania Roguelike platformer where you must defeat 4 area bosses and one final boss. Every time you die, you will play as the next generation of knights in your family’s history. My first playthrough I died like 123 times lol.

Tembo the Badass Elephant – This war elephant is so funny and awesome. Run through levels while destroying everything in your path and collecting Peanuts.

FEZ – A puzzle platformer with a unique 2D/3D style of gameplay. I thought it was boring,  but a lot of other gamers love this game.

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