10 Most Relaxing PS4 Games So Far

My list of the top 10 most relaxing games for the PlayStation 4 so far. This list is compiled with games that are sure to calm your nerves, reduce stress, and of course relax you. Easy to play games, with visually striking designs, lovely sounds, calming music and worlds your mind can get lost in. These games are probably not for everyone, but if you’re seeking some peace and calmness in your gaming, this list is for you.

10. Entwined

Entwined PS4
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A very artsy PS4 exclusive about a fish and a bird that are in love. The music and graphics are very calming. The gameplay is a unique concept, where colored panels are coming at you fast, you must control the fish and the bird at the same time and be aligned with the colored panels. Feel up your meters in order to pass the level and transform into a dragon. It’s a very simple, engrossing world you are placed in. Later levels do become harder and controls might be tedious for some.

9. Sound Shapes

Sound Shapes PS4
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When music and platforming come together perfectly you get Sound Shapes. Play as a little ball, travel through simple yet interesting levels while playing to the beat of the music. The official levels are great when you just feel like chilling after a long day at school or work. The community made levels can be both calming and exciting, making you want to come back for more just to hear the music and see the level design attached to it.

8. Bound

Bound PS4
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A platformer with a ballerina or gymnast touch to it. Your character moves like a ballerina and reacts to the environment with almost dancing like steps. The levels are eye-catching, interactive and beautiful, easy to play for the most part. The music fits right into the calming gameplay and atmosphere. Although some areas are more difficult, you will likely find yourself falling down a lot. Other than that it’s an overall soothing experience. The gameplay and character are not for everyone though, but if you have the slightest interest in gymnastics, be sure to check this one out.

7. No Mans Sky

No Mans Sky Ps4
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Many gamers were disappointed with No Mans Sky. Mainly because they gave into the developers hype and expected much more out of it and a more exciting experience. After a few patches and add-ons No Mans Sky is a pretty good game. If you go into it just as an explorer or a material harvester this game can be very relaxing and can keep you playing for hours upon end. You can become lost in these randomly generated worlds, not knowing what you will see or find next. It’s a very chill game if you want it to be, it can be frustrating also if you play it expecting more to happen faster.

6. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley PS4
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Stardew Valley is a farming simulator at heart with even more to offer. A game that places you into a town full of opportunity. With so much relaxing things to do such as creating and maintaining a beautiful farm full of a variety of crops, upgrading your home, harvesting ore and gemstones from The Skull Cave, Going fishing, cooking meals and keeping everyone happy in town. For such a small game there is so much to do, and it can be done stress-free at your own speed if you like.

5. The Unfinished Swan

The Unfinished Swan PS4
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Not only is The Unfinished Swan relaxing and fun to play alone, but it is also a great game to play with children because the story is read like a children’s book. Playing as a little boy you are trying to discover the mysteries of the Unfinished Swan painting. Travel through a world covered in white and shades of gray. Black paint splatter will help you discover this world. As you progress new elements will be added to the gameplay like creating green vines to climb on. Overall The Unfinished Swan has a calm and engaging setting, where puzzles or creatures never become too hard to defeat and a story that will likely stick with you forever.

4. Minecraft (Creative Mode)

Minecraft PS4
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Minecraft can become very stressful if you are playing survival mode. Having to manage food and crafting can become a heartache after a while. In creative mode you don’t have to worry about managing your health or crafting anything, all items are already unlocked. Creating houses, ponds, roller coasters, castles, spawning animals or creepers, and more is the complete opposite of stressful. Playing for long hours in creative mode can be very therapeutic to a person mind and give you a sense of accomplishment as you watch your world progress into something amazing.

3. Abzu

Abzu PS4
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Playing as a scuba diver, discover the beautiful sea world of Abzu. Using your sonar you can contact fish to follow you, some of the bigger fish and dolphins will let you hitch a ride on. The sea life environments are captured perfectly with stunning cell shaded graphics. Very beautiful sights to see in Abzu, which should relax you after playing for some time. My favorite parts of the gameplay is when it transitions from slow to fast, usually in Dolphin or whale areas. Some of the scenes in Abzu give out such a positive vibe, that can’t be matched in most games today.

2. Flower

Flower PS4
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A unique concept where you play as a bundle of lively flower pedals flying through the air, in a quest to bring plants back to life in the world. The game’s environments are just so beautiful, that it’s hard not to smile even if you only remotely enjoy nature. The music and speed with good controls make this an experience you wont want to pass up if you are trying to calm down. This is probably the most positive and peaceful title on the PS4.

1. Journey

Journey PS4
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If you want to  relax or relieve stress Journey is the #1 game to play. Playing a woman in a red robe traveling across  strange yet intriguing lands. Powerful music and visuals will keep you enticed and your positive emotions high. During your quest to understand the purpose of this Journey, you might encounter other online players that can randomly join your game. Don’t worry though, the online players won’t hurt or change anything and  there is not competitive scores involved in this game. They are simply there for some peaceful company. The experience is fairly short, but the scenes you see are amazing. When you understand what this game is about, no telling how you will feel exactly when it’s over.

* Honorable Mentions *

More games on PS4 that are at least mildly relaxing!
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Snowy forests and mountains never looked so beautiful. I found exploring and hiking Skyrims wilderness to be very calming. On the other hand, battling against high level enemies can be nerve racking.
The Last Guardian – Besides some tough puzzles and awkward controls at times, the gameplay and story of The last guardian keeps a very relaxing and fun pace. If you want to go on a quest through ancient castles with a giant beast known as “Trico”, The last Guardians story will show you what a friend truly is.

Pure Pool – One of the best pool games ever made with smooth realistic graphics. Can be very relaxing listening to the soft jazz music while playing against others online.
Birthdays The Beginning – Evolving animals and your world at non stressful pace in Birthdays The Beginning can be a very chill out experience.
Tearaway Unfolded – A simple easy going platformer with unique puzzles, Tearaway for the most part is a calming experience.

Peggle 2 – A very casual experience. Not everyone is going to like how simple this is. Pop a number of dots and try to make it in the basket. low stress for sure though.

Little Big Planet 3 – Playing easy community levels and creating your own characters and levels with friends can be very relaxing. This game can also be very stressful if you want it to be, like playing through the single player campaign xD.
Uno – If you play it causally with friends or online players this simple card game can give you the chill out fix you might need.
Fishing Planet – Not everyone likes fishing, but if you do, Fishing Planet can be very calming if you are not too worried about what fish are biting and are just playing to earn some money or XP.
Fez – A slow paced 2D platformer with 3D dimensional areas. The game is peaceful and interesting.
Sparkle 2 – A casual Zuma clone. Simply aim, shoot balls and match 3 like colors to make balls disappear. many fun levels to play through.

Did I miss any relaxing games you feel should be listed here? Please let me know down in the comments what your favorites are!

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