10 Best Shark Video Games So Far

After playing video games for more than 27 years, I am surprised that more shark video games haven’t been released. Most of the shark games released so far have been average at best. I feel the shark genre was a missed opportunity back in the 1990’s, bloody 2D shark attack games would have been so awesome. Luckily there has been a lot of fantastic shark games that have come out on PC and mobile devices recently. This article is a compilation list of the best shark games released so far throughout all gaming generations. Any of the following games listed are worth playing, although the top 5 rankings are must plays! This article will be updated when new worthy games are released!

10. Jaws (Nintendo Entertainment System)

#10 Jaws
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I remember playing and loving jaws when I was  7 years old kid. This game used to freak me out so bad. Nothing like being surprised by the giant man-eating Jaws shark. It wasn’t the best game on the NES, but was quite challenging, unique, and fun. Playing as a scuba diver armed with a harpoon, the object of the game was to kill deadly sea creatures like sharks and Jelly fish, collect shells from them, then cash the shells in at the base to become stronger and stronger. It’s always best to avoid the giant shark fin (Jaws) sticking out of the water until the scuba diver is powered up. When the player is confident enough, hunt Jaws down and be prepared for a underwater and on boat battle to the death. If you don’t mind retro graphics, and love score based challenging gameplay with a cool little ending, give Jaws a try!
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9. Typer Shark! Deluxe (PC)

#9 Typer Shark Deluxe
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This game will help you learn how to type fast. Probably one of the better typing tutor games that happen to have a ton of sharks in it. Playing as a scuba diver, try to make it down to the ocean’s floor in each level, Sharks and other sea animals will come at you marked with words. You must type the words fast in order to kill them. After passing a few levels players will have to battle against bosses. It’s actually really fun and levels progressively become harder, so players are always learning how to type faster. It’s Simple and typing is not for everyone, but its one of the better shark games for sure!
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8. Shark Flash Online Games (PC)

#8 Shark Flash Games
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This is more of a general listing of about 6 great shark attack flash games developed by Mausland.De . Flash games can be played for free using your PC, Mac, or Chromebooks web browser. These games feature known places such as Miami, Los Angeles, New York, Sydney, and more. The object of each game is to cause as much destruction as you can by chomping on everything that comes your way. Whether it’s airplanes flying high in the sky or humans swimming in the ocean, destroy them to earn a higher score. These games have so much craziness, violence, and explosions, it’s very entertaining. Great games to play with friends while at school or work!

7. Shark Simulator (PC)

#7 Shark Simulator
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A really crazy sandbox game inspired by GTA and Goat Simulator. You play as a shark that can live out of the water lol. The game takes place on a paradise island, that’s filled with people, buildings and Easter eggs. Killing people and completing mission objectives will earn you tons of cash that can be used to buy weapons at shops. My favorite upgrade is the jetpack, there’s nothing like a flying shark with a ball spike tied to his tail massacring the population lol. Killing lots of people too fast will earn you more wanted stars and the cops will be after you. Overall shark simulator is a simple, low content, upgrade game at its core, that will appeal to players that love running around in a sandbox and causing chaos.
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6. Shark Attack Deathmatch 2 (PC)

#6 Shark Attack Deathmatch 2
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I had a lot of fun with Shark Attack Death Match 2, for a while there when the servers were full all the time. You can still find players online but it’s not as packed as when this game was first released. Luckily the game is cheap (Only $2.99) so there are always new players coming in. It’s basically a scuba diver death match with the side option to play as a shark, or the sharks will be bots. The graphics are really impressive, the scuba diver and shark designs look sharp. It is a bit slower paced compared to Depth game, and the multiplayer is a bit less intense with lacking content, but it still feels unique to me, even if it feels a bit unfinished. If you have friends to play with, this is a good bargain buy at $2.99 and should provide a lot of creepy sharks killing moments.
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5. Shark Dating Simulator XL (PC)

#5 Shark Dating Simulator XL
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Kids, please don’t play this game, this one is for adults that have shark fetishes only! A bizarre romantic novel that involves sexy sharks lol. Really this game is not for everyone, I found it to be very humorous, but I know the general gaming population does not enjoy weird story-based games where your decisions control the outcome of the game. So be sure to think twice before buying this one. What’s cool about this game is all the multiple endings it has, and the stories varied interactions are fun! The developers and writers succeeded in creating a very bizarre novel that merges sharks with human adult themes. As long as you don’t take the story and characters seriously, it’s going to be hard not to laugh or smile at times!
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4. Jaws Unleashed (PS2, Xbox & PC)

#4 Jaws Unleashed
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Jaws Unleashed is the only 3D Jaws game I would recommend playing. It’s far from perfect, but I did enjoy the campaign. Probably the only shark attack game ever made with a decent story campaign. Jaw’s persona stays decently true to the movies at least. My experience with Jaws unleashed on PC years ago was wild,  it was fun causing terror in the ocean, then getting captured and placed at Seaworld, then breaking out. These sort of missions are corny, but I thought they were entertaining at least. The gameplay is simple, just swim, bite and eat things. Be sure to have strategic plans to take down enemies. The chaos and killing are on another level here lol. Big scary Jaws is a terror to everything in the ocean and close to it. A great one for players that enjoy free roaming sandbox missions with death and destruction!
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3. Hungry Shark Evolution (Android & IOS)

#3 Hungry Shark Evolution
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The hungry shark series are the best Sandbox shark games ever created. Available only on mobile devices android & IOS. Try to survive as long as possible by eating everything in your way. The ocean is filled with tasty fish and sea creatures along with humans that threaten your life. Tons of challenging missions to pass, treasures to find, sharks to unlock and upgrade with in-game money earned. Some of these unlockable sharks are really cool and worth the gameplay time put in to unlock them, or you could take the easy way out and just pay real money for them. It’s free to download and play, As long as you don’t mind mobile video games, go for it!
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2. Hungry Shark World (Android & IOS)

#2 Hungry Shark World
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Hungry Shark World has basically everything Hungry Shark Evolution has, but it’s improved! Including a new more open world to explore, cooler unlockable sharks, and better missions. Both games are well worth playing, I prefer HS World a little more over HS Evolution though!
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1. Depth (PC)

#1 Depth
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Depth is by far the best 3D multiplayer shark game ever made. It’s basically sharks vs scuba divers deathmatch. there are 7 sharks to choose from including Great White, Tiger, Mako, Bull, Hammerhead, Thresher and even the legendary extinct Megalodon. All the sharks have weaknesses and benefits against scuba divers. Some are faster, while others are slower but more powerful. The sharks do have a bit of the upper hand when starting a match, however as long as the team of divers is collecting gold and upgrading their weapons it should even things out. The game is balanced well considering the gameplay style of shark vs humans. The graphics are nicely done, sharks, environment and scuba divers all look awesome. The maps are cool, my personal favorite is the sunken pirate ship map. I wish the maps had a little bit more variety though, they kind of all feel the same. Overall this is a must play shark game if you are seeking competitive multiplayer action. Depth was released in 2014 and is still (In 2018) very active on Steam. A while back a PS4 version was announced, not sure if development has been canceled for the PS4 though, no news has come out in a while.
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* Honorable Mentions *

Other Google Play Shark Games – Most of the Android shark games are terrible and generic, however, there are a few other decent ones such as Shark World and Angry Shark 2016. I haven’t played too many, but you might want to take a look.
Fishing (Atari 2600) – A simple classic fishing game where the player has to try to catch as many fish as he/she can before time runs out. A huge shark is always trying to eat your fish, so be careful. Actually, this is a fun one to play with 2 players. The player with the highest score wins.
Shark Attack (Atari 2600) – a funny little classic PAC-MAN wannabe game, where the player plays as a scuba diver trying to collect treasures in mazes. The player must avoid deadly sharks.

– Have you played any awesome shark video games? Did I miss any good ones? Do have something useful to add? Please be sure to submit a comment!

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