10 Best FireFighter Video Games So Far

It’s unfortunate that there haven’t been any big budget FireFighter video games developed. Most of the Firefighter games developed so far have come from smaller studios with limited budgets. There has been some good simulators, strategy, and action games released, but I feel the firefighter games theme has been a missed opportunity overall. I would love to see a high profile gaming studio create an action/adventure firefighter game, with lifelike characters, a compelling dramatic story, and intense cinematic style gameplay. My game idea, unfortunately, won’t happen soon (lol), so in the meantime, I hope you enjoy this unranked top list featuring the 10 best firefighter games released so far. When new worthy games are released, this article will be updated.
NOTE: Games labeled with *Editors Pick* in the title are my personal recommended games.

Firefighter FD 18 *Editors Pick* (PS2)

Firefighter FD 18
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Firefighter FD 18 was a surprise release by famous developer/publisher Konami. This is the only firefighter game released on the PS2, and one of the more unique titles. Firefighter FD 18 is a third-person action/adventure game that features a cheesy story dialog, but the main character is likable at least. Throughout  Firefighter FD 18 you will be in buildings and houses extinguishing fires and saving people. One thing I liked about this game was the fire bosses. The fire bosses are not living entities, they are just deadly fire areas that hard to put out, with awesome names like “HellDriver” or “Cremator”.The gameplay becomes a little repetitive after a while and there is no ability to pause. Overall Firefighter FD 18 is worth checking out if you have a PS2 laying around.

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Real Heroes: Firefighters *Editors Pick* (Wii, PC)

Real Heroes: Firefighters
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Real Heroes: Firefighters is a first-person shooter. The gameplay in Real Heroes: Firefighters is fun, even though the civilians and mission objectives seem a little brain dead and corny at times. The game’s missions start out easy, but later missions become much more challenging, requiring you to plan actions out beforehand. Most of the missions consist of extinguishing fires, saving people, and rescuing special material items. There is also a fair amount of ax, crowbar, and jaws of life usage in these missions. Real Heroes: Firefighters is a good game and is fun to play in short bursts, just don’t expect a revolutionary experience. On a side note, the superior PC steam version is now priced at only $3.
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Flame Over *Editors Pick* (PC, PS4, PS Vita)

Flame Over
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Flame Over is a top-down 3D Roguelike game. If you die once it’s game over, so completing tasks fast and avoiding damage is your #1 goal. Play through 4 randomly generated stages, where you will extinguish fires, turn off electricity, save people/cats, and collect money. With money collected, you can buy helpful items and upgrades that can be used at the next level. This game is simple to play, yet addicting, and challenging. Flame Over is not a deep experience, but for a smaller indie game, it’s unique and fun.
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EmergeNYC *Editors Pick* (Early Access) (PC)

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EmergeNYC is a simulator where you get to play as 3 different New York City units, including fire, police, and emergency departments. EmergeNYC is still in early access on Steam. It’s basically in Beta and unfinished at the moment, but EmergeNYC is already impressive. The developers continue to release updates for the game often, fixing bugs and adding new content in. The firefighting part of EmergeNYC is realistic. The fire trucks, graphics, and details are spot on. The gameplay impressed me, especially trying to figure out the best tools to use in a given situation and the best way to approach fires behind hard to get to areas. Playing in single player mode is fun, but the online Co-Op makes you feel like you are part of a team. There are some bugs and lag issues with online play though. The developers at the moment are focused on fixing bugs and delivering a smooth online experience in the near future.
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The Firemen *Editors Pick* (SNES Import)

The Firemen
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I recently played The Firemen game using a SNES emulator on my PC. I enjoyed my time with this game, and I am now wondering why The Firemen was never released in North America? It’s not the best SNES game, but it’s better than a lot of games released for the console. The story, drama, and characters are actually pretty good. The gameplay is an odd mix of extinguishing fires, dodging, and crawling through areas, but it works well. You are accompanied by an AI controlled firefighter that swings an ax at fires, breaking up wood so you can put fires out easier. The Firemen is an action packed game, and worth checking out if you don’t mind outdated 16-bit graphics.
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EMERGENCY 20 *Editors Pick* (PC)

Emergency 20
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EMERGENCY 20 is a strategy/simulation game where you take control of 4 different city unit branches. Including fire, medical, police and technical departments. Even though EMERGENCY 20 has some issues I think it’s the best emergency based real-time strategy game available. When new missions are alerted, you will have to decide what units work best for the given emergency. I love the variety of firefighter units available. The fire trucks, firemen, and boat units are fun to control. The graphics are enjoyable to look at and the frame rate is silky smooth as long as you have a decent gaming rig. The learning curve is a little steep, so I recommend playing this on free play mode starting out. If you are a fan of real-time strategy games, you have to try out EMERGENCY 20 eventually.
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Burning Rangers (Sega Saturn)

Burning Rangers
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Burning Rangers is a Japanese anime style game that probably won’t appeal to everyone. The main character you play as is not your typical firefighter. He is armed with a jetpack and a water blaster. The gameplay is a mix of platforming and putting out deadly flames by shooting them. I remember this game having awesome music and a few really cool bosses. Burning Rangers is probably one of the better looking 3D games available on the Sega Saturn, however, I don’t think it has aged too well graphically. Burning Rangers is one of the most unique games available on the SEGA Saturn, and it’s a fun game with great pacing. However, I would not recommend Burning Rangers to people wanting to play a realistic or traditional firefighter game.
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Fahrenheit (Sega CD/32X)

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Fahrenheit was a cheesy Sega CD or Sega CD/32X Combo FMV (Full Motion Video) game. To me this was more of a tech demo from SEGA, showcasing what can be done using full-motion video on the Sega CD. Fahrenheit is basically an interactive movie. You have to press the correct buttons at certain sequences in order to make it to the next area. There is a lot of trial and error here. I have a soft spot for decent FMV games, and Fahrenheit is decent and entertaining. If you like action-packed firefighting movies like “Backdraft“, you might enjoy the interactive adventure that Fahrenheit offers.
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Firefighters 2014 (PC)

FireFighters 2014
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Firefighters 2014 is an average Firefighter simulator. Either I am not good at this game, or maybe it’s too difficult because these missions are really difficult. For some reason, it was kind of laggy on my PC gaming rig. I also thought the gameplay felt a bit sluggish and boring. What I liked about Firefighters 2014 though was the attention to detail. The fire trucks are fun to use, feel, and sound realistic. Steps to extinguishing fires also feel realistic, but it’s just not too fun. The graphics are also nice for a 2014 game. Overall I think Firefighters 2014 is a decent game. However, there are better and similar games featured in this top list (like EmergeNYC). I also don’t think $20 is a good price for this game. Maybe $10 or less, if you’re really into the genre.
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The Ignition Factor (SNES)

The Ignition Factor
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The Ignition Factor is another game on the SNES. The Ignition Factor is not as good as “The Firemen”, but it’s still worth playing. Make your way through burning buildings extinguishing fires, and trying to save trapped people. The game’s maps are done well, and the firefighting gameplay can be challenging at times. What makes this game a little boring is the lack of music and the gameplay becomes stale after a while. Extinguishing little fires without any story can only be entertaining for so long before you don’t want to play anymore.
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* Honorable Mentions *

The following games either barely missed our top list or are loosely related to the firefighter games genre.
911 Operator (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – It’s not really a firefighter game, but 911 Operator is probably the best emergency operator game ever made. Dispatch units around the city to troubled areas, as accurately, and fast as you can. The gameplay is simple, yet so addicting.
American FireFighter & NY City FireFighter 2017 (Android) – Probably the two best mobile firefighter games available so far. I thought they were just ok, but I can see kids loving these games.
Firefighter Command Raging Inferno (PC) – A classic RTS budget title that I loved to play years ago. I recently tried to play this on my Windows 10 PC, but it failed to load up.
SimCopter (PC) – I remember this classic game having a lot of fires in it and being very addicting. Using your helicopter, collect water from lakes and rivers to put fires out.
Plant & Airport Fire Department (PC) – Below average simulator games that someone might want to play?

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