Ataribox Console New Images and Speculation

Today images were released for Atari’s new upcoming game console named the Ataribox. For months now,  the new console has been teased. This is the first time we actually have images of it. Two different styles of the consoles are shown. A classic wooden Atari 2600 style and a more modern red and black style. We don’t know yet if both console styles will feature the same hardware specs. Atari has confirmed games for the console will appeal to classic game fans as well as current generation gamers. If I had to speculate the Ataribox  will be  similar to the NES Classic and Super NES Classic reboot consoles. It will probably have  the best Atari classic games pre-installed, along with other games available for download. Looking at the console, the Ethernet port is a dead giveaway that a marketplace will be available.  The console also features 4 USB  ports placed in the back. No video game console company has ever placed USB controller ports on the back of  console. The ports will probably be used for extra accessories, maybe a camera or external hard drive. The big questions are! What other types of games will be available to purchase on the console? Will Atari start creating there own modern exclusive games for it? Will it have any third party support? Will it be android based?  Are we over thinking  and over hyping this? Is Atari over hyping this? Hopefully we will find out soon!!

Ataribox Wooden and Read And Black Console


On a side note in 1993 Atari Jaguar was the last console released by Atari. I bought the system when I was a kid and enjoyed some of it’s games. It was labeled as a 64 Bit console but graphics were very disappointing.  They looked somewhere in-between Super Nintendo (16-Bit) and Playstation (32-Bit).  It also had horrible marketing, design and sales. When all the news is fleshed out about the Ataribox, I really hope this console fairs better than the Jaguar and has something special to get excited about.

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